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Stress Management And Ways To Cope Class Assignment

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Tyler Taylor
Stewart Jack,PhD
Professional Development
13 October 2017
Stress Management
Stress is of human nature being something that everyone on earth is affected by. Stress is how we as people respond to pressure or threat in our lives. But there is more than one type of stress in the world. And some may be affected more than others when it comes to stress and its different variations.
First, is emotional stress which is triggered by Depression, Anxiety, agitation, Moodiness, irritability, or anger. These emotions are pillars for emotional stress as this type of stress is most common in young adolescents and teens. Left untreated or ignored this type of stress can lead someone into a deep depression and even loss of life. Some ways to regulate or deal with stress is to set aside leisure time for oneself or doing something oneself enjoys. Another way is to keep a sense of humor and making sure not to over commit or over task yourself on something.
Secondly, is physical stress which is caused by intense exertion, manual labor, lack of sleep, or travel etc.This type of stress primarily focuses on one's own body and is triggered when one pushes their body to the limit.This stress is mostly found in adults and if let unchecked can do serious if not permanent damage to the body.A few ways to regulate stress are to get proper rest and manage your time.Sleep is one of the most important thing for the body if left uncharged...

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