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Stress Management Course Essay

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Identifying the Article’s Question
The question of whether or not a stress management course would reduce the negative response of psychological, physiological, and socioenvironmental effects on the performance of graduate school counseling students, is the question the article is attempting to answer (Abel, Abel & Smith 2012). Graduate students have to answer some questions for themselves. For example, what life situations cause the most stress in their lives? What does the stress of a graduate program do personally to the student physiologically, psychologically, and emotionally? If there are negative effects of stress on the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of the graduate student’s life, what kinds of coping mechanisms/strategies would one need to have, or need to acquire in order to cope with that stress?
The Main Points
The main thrust of having a stress management course was to alleviate the stress response and reduce the chronic stress of the graduate student. That being said graduate students are not the only ones that go through stress, but the graduate student may have more extracurricular stressors then the undergraduate student (Abel, Abel, & Smith, 2005). Some of the prevalent threats that cause stress that all college students go through and have little, or no control of are lack of time, the ability to access and manipulate resources, money pressures, the expectations of professors concerning assignments, and if the student is an international student the added language differences can add additional stress. The role of stress on a student has a powerful consequence that can cause a student to be more susceptible to illness, i.e., colds (Cohen, et al, 2012). The kinds of stressors mentioned above are daily and last for the duration of the graduate degree program, or until the student drops from school and or learns better ways of coping; hence, the need for stress management training.
Due to the varying degrees of the stress response of individuals there seems to be conflict of what a proper and precise definition of stress is (Khoozani, & Hadzic, (2010). Looking at stress in a general way it can be said that stress is a living creature’s elevated physiological and psychological response to a threatening and, or harmful circumstance (Howard, 2006). The threats mentioned above are what the graduate student’s body is responding to.
The study was a quasi-experimental study and not a true experiment in that it used only a convenience sample (Abel, Abel, & Smith, 2005). If it had been a true experiment the sampling would have been random. The generalization to all graduate students in all graduate programs would be in question because the study was done in just...

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