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Stress Management For Everyday Living. Define A Solution For Stress Management As It Relates To The Online Student

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AbstractDealing with stress and finding solutions to manage it are vital to the success we face in our daily lives, at work, school, and our home lives. Without proper management, stress can cause minor problems to be elevated into major difficulties and in some cases, lead to depression. With a little research and the development and execution of a plan for managing those levels, stress can be controlled to allow us to become successful in all aspects of our daily lives.Stress Management for Everyday LivingEffective management of stress is a vital topic for the online student. When dealing with the rigors of a full-time job, class assignments, and home life, stress levels can elevate to a high level thus causing a person to be unproductive in all areas. Therefore, we are presented with the problem of finding a solution to help cope with stress and to lessen the degree to which the stress levels elevate to an nonproductive level.In order for an effective strategy to be developed, one must first start with gathering information regarding how to recognize the symptoms of stress. Stress is defined as "physical or mental strain or distress" by the American Century Dictionary (Warner Books, 1995). An article in the journal, Stress Management in Education: warning signs and coping mechanisms, the author describes stress as "that condition created when one's mind overrides the desire to choke someone who desperately needs it" (MiE, 2007). To gain a better perspective on the signs and symptoms, I would consult with a physician to gain insight into the signs. It would also be recommended to research the topic using a medical journal. This will give us valuable information and insight into our dilemma. A great deal of medical web-sites provides information on the subject and allows us to enter specific information pertaining to our personal lives that would impact our levels of stress. This method also filters out a lot of information that may not be pertinent to circumstances. Although it is hard to be sure that all the information gathered via this method is accurate, it still provides...

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