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Stress Management Proposal Essay

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University of Phoenix MaterialName:Stress Management Proposal
Name of technique:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Description of technique:

Emotional intelligence is what helps in the building of strong, long lasting relationships that a person will hold and have until they are well past their prime age of friendships, as well as work-place relationships. What this technique does is it gets a person to become fully aware of sight, smell, touch, and hear. They will develop emotional intelligence on sensory, nonverbal learning and real-life practice.

Summary or analysis of personal experience:

What I did was when I found myself getting upset, I would remove myself from the room or situation in a manner that was non-abrasive or threaten to anyone or anything, I did not go slamming a door when I left or look over my shoulder and state "I'll be right back," with the look added in for good measure. I just left the area or hung up the phone after saying what it was I was doing and politely said good bye and I gave myself a timeout of sorts. If I got really angry I would smell lavender which is known to be a calming aroma that is known to calm those who are upset. So I incorporated a couple of things. More in my paper.

Time needed during each session and frequency of sessions per week:

This depends on the anger, and how mad someone is. Sometimes it can only take 10 minutes, and other times it may take longer. If this step takes longer than 1 hour, you probably need to re-think your choice of employment.

Equipment and space needed:

Candles, good walking shoes, lavender, and maybe an mp3 player to play some classical music. Whatever one needs to bring them to a happy place, and calm down, be reasonable you obviously can not get a masseuse to come massage you at work naked, you have to pick things that are more practical for a work environment.

Estimated costs

Depending on your way of relaxation mine was:
45.00 for a good pair of walking shoes
3.00-4.00 good smelling candle
Already have an I-pod
A good helping of patience and understanding
$ 50.00 per person

Advantages of technique:

Have you ever help a child who just would not stop crying, they are just grumpy pants and no matter what you do they will not stop crying. Well if you remember when you're crying or upset you get hot, your body temperature rises and you begin to sweat and perspire. Well if you walk into a cooler or an air-conditioned office your body temperature...

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