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Stress Management Report

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Stress Management ReportSCI/100 - Paradigms of HealthHow effective was the technique in reducing your stress?In doing this little experiment I learned a great deal about myself and thinking that I would just resort back to old habits and not learn anything from this technique I was definitely wrong and those around me undeniably quite shocked as to my behavior. I learned during baby-sitting a long time ago, that when someone changes a baby's environment so drastically you can make them forget what it was they were so upset about to begin with. So in remembering this every time I was getting stressed out about something I would excuse myself and go and change my environment so as to trigger different chemicals in my brain to switch focuses. And it worked, using my senses of sight, smell, touch and hearing. So, I was changing the environment through a process known as Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Ms. Segal was onto something when she developed this technique. You must get in-touch with you; it's more of a self-awareness technique because that is who we're ultimately responsible for ourselves and our own actions.What it ultimately did was reduce my stress, although I used less pain medication, I still had to use the ice/hot packet at the same time everyday which I do not like at all. Since I did not have to use much pain medication my doctor is thrilled about my current condition. She said I should have been using this method a long time ago, and I would have to agree.Would you be inclined to use that technique again?I would definitely use this technique again I have already incorporated the smell part of it into my room at home. by having lavender candles in my room I can light them right before bedtime after I have taken a shower and be totally relaxed by the time CSI comes on, and watch it and go to bed. Although, eating better helps and cutting out the bad habits is another positive...

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