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Fourthly, research shows that the stress stimulates hyper-arousal. Hyper-arousal is a biological state whereby an individual does not feel the urge to sleep. Prolonged periods of lack of sleep result in insomnia. Insomnia declines once the person recovers from the stress they are undergoing, but if it persists, they may suffer from sleep disorders. In addition, if the body does not get enough rest, it fails to perform its normal functions appropriately. As a result, the individual loses morale in doing anything constructive (Karvonen, 2010). This affects the physical health of the individual. Some of the symptoms linked to sleepless life include severe headaches and muscle pains. Since ...view middle of the document...

Recent findings show that stress affects the brain more than any part of the human body (Dudgeon, 2010; Gupta, 2012). The negative feedback originates from the brain and travels to the entire body. The high production of hormones by the brain due to stress may kill its cells. New research evidence on experimental animals shows that high levels of glucorticoids lead to the death of brain cells. The scientists perceive that the same thing may occur in humans. However, British scientists discovered that it takes the right amount of the same hormones to rejuvenate the memory of an individual with a shrunken hippocampus; although the research may show that stress has a positive impact on the brain, it is still ongoing to understand fully, how that happens (Ballenger, 2012).
Just like the brain, muscles tense when an individual undergoes severe stress. High tension in the muscles may promote health disorders. It escalates more during chronic stress, which leads to muscle pains in the several parts of the body. Stress affects the respiratory system in a way that makes an individual experience breathing difficulties (Braveman, Egerter, & Williams, 2010). The effect is worse in individuals with conditions such as asthma, emphysema, and other lung diseases. Studies suggest that sudden stress caused by the loss of a loved one may activate asthmatic attacks. In addition, stress causes an increased rate of breathing due to hyperventilation, which may cause a panic attack in some individuals. The gastrointestinal system...

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