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Stress In The Workplace By Danaa Ross Original Written 8/03, Revised 2/04.

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Assignment:I was asked to prepare a paper addressing how the increased use of technology has impacted workplace stress, using an internet article as a base for my reference. In addition, I was asked to discuss ethical issues inherent with such a topic.Stress in the WorkplaceDanaa RossManagement 331Cliff Madison Jr., MAOMFebruary 26, 2003Introduction to Workplace StressThe concept of technology increasing workplace stress is not new, however; it has received a considerable amount of attention in recent years. I was asked to prepare a paper addressing how the increased use of technology has impacted workplace stress, using an internet article as a base for my reference. In addition, discuss ethical issues inherent with such a topic. There have been several studies done on the effects technology has on stress in the workplace.Kensington Technology SurveyKensington Technology Group, a San Mateo, CA based company, released a survey in August of 1999 titled, "The Impact of More Stress On-The-Job". Kensington is the first to admit that technology increases productivity, yet at the same time, they also admit that technology increases the stress levels of many workers. The survey "...queried 501 adult U.S. full-time, traditional and home-office workers..." ( Kensington found that "the possibility of losing documents due to computer crashes..." caused workers to experience an increase in stress. ( Furthermore, Kensington found, "The demands of e-mail and voicemail have also contributed to an overall increase in stress in the last year..." ( Stress in Other IndustriesThese results are typically in line with what other companies have found in terms of technology increasing stress in the workplace, however; Kensington's survey focused on office workers as opposed to other industries that also experience increased stress levels due to technology advancement. For example, construction workers use newer technology enhanced equipment, such as orbital sanders, that are motor powered and vibrate in your hand. These sanders stress the wrist, and can create carpal tunnel syndrome, unlike old-fashioned paper sanders. The enhanced sanders do increase productivity, but may frustrate a newer employee who is unfamiliar with a specific model, and faces a learning curve whenever he or she changes jobs.Another example of industries that show increased stress due to technology enhancements are warehouses. In technology, modern warehouse employees are dependent on computer systems to stay running all the time. If a central computer crashes, a production line can come to a screeching halt. People are no longer trained to switch to a manual mode of work, because the training time it takes to put a backup plan in place is too costly for the company, and some companies feel as though their computer systems are bullet proof. This is always a false sense of security. Workers have extra stress when computers crash,...

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533 words - 2 pages Stress by definition is an interaction between individuals and any source of demand (stressor) within their environment. Employment can be an exciting challenge for many individuals; it can also be a tremendous source of stress. (Long, Bonita C.) Stress in the work place can cause many individuals harm emotionally and physically. Several reasons for the intense amounts of stress are; too many demands from co-workers, supervisors constantly

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631 words - 3 pages looking at things in a positive light and suggesting an alternative reason behind things.'No one benefits from a stressed employer and no one wants to work for a company where they are going to be unhappy.'(Duckers, 2003). We have seen that by taking just a few steps to relieve stress in the workplace, the worker will be more productive and the company will profit in the long run. It is every manager's duty to ensure the workplace is a productive and healthy environment.ReferenceDuckers, J. (2003, August 1). Ten steps to relieve stress in the workplace. Birmingham Post (UK), p. 22. Retrieved September 13, 2003, from ProQuest database.

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1722 words - 7 pages Introduction In this essay it is my intention to show how stress appears in working environment, what causes it and how it affects the workplace. I will start by defining what stress is and how it might be perceived. Then I will take a look at the factors that cause stress and how these might show in result when working. I try to look at all the possible reasons for stress and through that hopefully to show how to avoid a stressful environment

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934 words - 4 pages all together is the best possible way to get rid of stress but that is very difficult to do in the workplace. Changing behavioral patterns help reduce some of the stress that is put on at work as well [4]. Employee assistance programs can include in-house counseling programs on managing stress. Another way of reducing stress at work is by simply changing the workload for an employee [5]. Improving communications between employees also sounds like

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683 words - 3 pages Kingdom at a cost of 8 billion, and that half of these absences were stress-related. More recently, the pilot results of a national survey into stress at work, originally launched in 1997 by the University of Bristol. "On the behalf of the report it reveal that every day of the week 270,000 people is absent from work with a stress-related illness". (J. Earnshaw and C. Cooper) 1996A participatory means that all parties concerned should have an

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1161 words - 5 pages information presented today is intended to explore stress further in detail and suggest coping skills needed in the modern workplace.Research for this presentation was gathered from books written by respected researchers in the field. Also to better understand the stressors that effect local people here in Michigan, a survey was distributed here at Macomb Community College and also on the internet. Time restraints and a sample group of only 40

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1887 words - 8 pages In the workplace, stress can have some strong physical and mental effects on employees. To best understand stress, it is first important to define it. Stress is defined as “a feeling of tension that occurs when a person perceives that a given situation is about to exceed one’s ability to cope and consequently could endanger one’s well being” (Hitt, Miller & Colella, 2011). Stress on the job is usually the result of people feeling inadequate

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1651 words - 7 pages This chapter includes the previous research work done on stress, stress at workplace, and stress management and prevention strategies of stress. The concept of stress and stress at workplace and how it is evolved during long period of time is described under this section. The various forms of preventions to stress by researchers are also described. Also the linkage of intervention strategies with stress is well-defined. The parameters defined

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1100 words - 5 pages most stressful? Conclusion of Survey Majority would not be afraid to voice their opinions by being assertive to say no to carrying out extra tasks. To do list was done to help manage their day is essential so they can have a stress free day. People tend to forget certain parts of their work when they are having a stressful day. People dealt with stress in the workplace in different ways from taking a break or speaking to their Manager. Good

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1303 words - 5 pages Stress in the workplace has reached epidemic proportions. According to a new study by the federal government's National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (2002), more than half the working people in the U.S. view job stress as a major problem in their lives. That's more than double the percentage in similar studies a decade ago. According to Stephen Minter (2003) NIOSH defines job stress as "the harmful physical and emotional

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3264 words - 13 pages before it becomes a severe problem within an organization. [1: Auerbach, Stephen M. "Stress." Encyclopedia of Counseling.][2: Newman, Jody L., and Dale R. Fuqua. "Occupational Stress." Encyclopedia ofCounseling.][3: "Stress and Burnout and Their Implication in the Work Environment." ILO Encyclopedia of Occupational Health & Safety.]Workplace stress is defined as the harmful physical and emotional responses that can occur when there is a

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1450 words - 6 pages employees and/or the managers. Confronting difficult people in the workplace can also induce workplace politics or gossip, which generates even more stress among the workers. Job stress, especially for women, can also be caused by sexual harassment from their peers or management. The constant worry of consequences and isolation, which could be caused upon any refusal to admit to the sexual harassment, will develop into tension which can lead

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3347 words - 13 pages theory into practice, there is always a gap. I choose to examine the stress in the workplace, which is a very common issue that arises nowadays as stress is definitely part of our lives. Additionally, it is vital for a manager to be aware of job stress issues and how one can cope with it.What is Stress?There are many definitions regarding stress. Many theorists describe it as an external force that causes strain upon an individual, while others as