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According to a 2008 mental health study by the Associated Press and mtvU, eight in ten college students say they have occasionally or frequently experienced stress over the past three months. This is an increase of twenty percent from a survey that was done in 2003 (Wu). College students, especially freshman, are not acclimated to the pressures that college brings. Students have to work three times harder to maintain high grades in college. Many students also have to deal with the financial anxiety that college brings. Every year the tuitions are raised; yet parents aren’t making more money to compensate for the raises. Additionally, the strain of being away from home for the first time causes students to feel depressed, worried, sad, or overwhelmed. All of which may lead to students being unable to function. In a recent national college health survey, ten percent of college students had been diagnosed with depression (University of Chicago). Stress is a serious problem that many college students brush off, but something must be done. Trine University does provide some opportunities to relieve stress, but these are not enough. There are many options that can be implemented at Trine but massages, a puppy/kitten room, more family days, and procrastination prevention groups are the options that will be most impactful in solving this infamous problem.
There are many symptoms of stress, including muscular tension, high blood pressure, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and forgetfulness. These can cause a weak immune system, which in turn leads to viruses attacking the system easier (“UF Counseling”). All college students need to be able to stay healthy, so they do not miss important classes. Furthermore, they must be able to concentrate and retain information from classes and lectures. If a student continues to be stressed, without a way to relieve this stress, the student may experience migraines, a lack of sleep, or a lack of appetite (“UF Counseling”). This may cause a decrease in the desire to want to do well in school, which can lead to failing classes. No student enjoys a bad grade, so this causes more stress on the student. It is a sadistic and cruel cycle.
There are many other stressors in a student’s life. Some are, but not limited to: homesickness, greater academic demands, being in a new or strange environment, exposure to new people, ideas, temptations, and changes in relationships back home (University of Chicago). Many students entering college are eighteen, and most eighteen year olds believe that they are going to be best friends with the same people that they were best friends with in high school. Unfortunately, many high school relationships change and grow apart. This can cause someone, who naively thought that the relationship would last, to feel alone at college. Some students may also be very family-orientated, and when the family is no longer around, the student may feel dejected. Being away from the people a person loves...

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1859 words - 7 pages ). Realizing Mental Health: Toward a new Psychology of Resiliency. Sulberger & Graham Publishing, Ltd. ISBN-10: 0945819781Sedgeman, J.A. (2005). Health Realization/Innate Health: Can a quiet mind and a positive feeling state be accessible over the lifespan without stress-relief techniques? Med. Sci. Monitor 11(12) HY47-52. [1]Spence, J.D., Barnett, P.A., Linden, W., Ramsden, V., Taenzer, P. (1999). Lifestyle modifications to prevent and control

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1791 words - 7 pages should acknowledge the seriousness, and become aware of good ways to limit stress in their lives. Works Cited Catin, Jill. Personal Interview. 2 January 2011. Kirsta, Alix. The Book of Stress Surivial. Fireside; 5th edition. 15 January 1987. Perkins, Cynthia. “Holistic Mental Health.” 2009. 6 January 2011. . Posen, Dr. David. The Little Book of Stress Relief. Key

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