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Stress: Symptoms And Balance Essay

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It's that time of year again, finals are steadily rolling in, thanksgiving is just around the corner, and right after that is Christmas. Each of these has one key factor in common: stress, though, don't take stress lightly as it can afflict a person not just mentally but both physically and emotionally as well. Some are able to overlook it without a second glance, while others are suddenly bombarded all at once. Symptoms of one being under high amounts of stress are tensed muscles, sickness, high blood pressure, fatigue, irritability, a looming sense of being overwhelmed, mood swings, forgetfulness, repetitive thoughts, and having difficulty concentrating. For most it is the latter of the two. Stress alone can be beneficial in small doses, or it can be destructive if it grows out of control with poor stress management.
Stress can grow to be overwhelming without a correct balance of activities. Creating a balance of activities such as overall well being, eating habits, sleeping habits, and exercise can drastically help obtain the ability to cope with an overwhelming stress factor, as stated by James Archer and Christina Carroll “You can use the following guidelines to help manage your stress: understanding your role in stress reactions, developing a balanced life-style and effective personal organization, learning specific relaxation techniques, gaining perspective on problems by discussing them, and clarifying your values along with developing a sense of spirituality.” Having a steady balance of time spent indoors or outdoors can greatly improve the level of balance with stress and daily life.
Discussing problems one may be facing is another great way to deal with stress. Most of the time when the walls are closing in talking it out with trusted friend takes the tiny cluttered room and expands it from becoming a box that can't be escaped by giving a new enlightened perspective on the issue. Discussion pulls you from the darkened room into one of a brighter understanding allowing freedom to breath and see that the box isn't a box its a tiny insignificance. It attributes into this by giving a sense of control.
Physically stress can tear down even the strongest of people, no one is above stress. Stress can physically cause weight loss, weakened muscles and bones, baggy eyes, wrinkles upon the skin, sunken eyes, a weakened immune system, as well as heart failure if it grows too large. Meditation, hypnosis, and visiting the chiropractor every once in a while can greatly lessen the taxation stress has upon your body.
When fighting stress on a mental level perception is key, for most mental stress comes from not just from events but also from self-judgment. The perceptions brought upon oneself are just illusions as to what the problems are; the mind can make even the tiniest...

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