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Stress The Way Hiedegger Sees It

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Stress is something I deal with every day in my life, be it from work, school, or home matters. Stress as I see it are the tasks that I need to get done, and as I have more tasks placed on me the more stress I feel. Completing those tasks can also increase stress even more, if the task is difficult or you come across a road block of sort. Heidegger says stress is a part of life. He says stress is something that interferes with the being-in-the-world. Being-in-the-world is what we do everyday to live; eat, sleep, and drink. Being-in-the-world is stress free because it comes natural to us. It is when we come in contact with outside things that effect our normal being-in-the-world like no food in the fridge, traffic jams, and being late. When situations like these occur, the normal, what we are use to, is gone and we become stressed. But why do we become stressed over these situations?The stress must stem from somewhere. Heidegger says that stress stems from communication. We were raised and told by our parents and friends to stress out in situations such as a traffic jam or being late for something. We see those as an interference of our being-in-the-world and so we become stressed. But without communication would we still have the ability to become stressed or would we face every situation as a new one and be forced to learn through experience? With that would stress be nothing. I believe Heidegger is wrong in the sense that stress stems directly from communication. For instance say your mother dies, you would become stressed, but not through communication, but through the fact that you lost your mother. No communication is necessary to stress over the loss of a loved one. Your mother without communication is someone you care for because she raised you and many maternal instincts come without communication such as: hugs, kisses, holding, providing care. Because of that I believe his first definition of stress coming from something that interrupts your normal everyday being-in-the-world.The interruption of normal being-in-the-world covers everything that causes stress. I stress when I have to do something hard and arduous for example a long essay, or projects around the house. Both are things that are not something you do everyday and so when things like those come about you stress. We also stress when we have a special or important meeting with a person or...

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