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Stressed, Weird, Hormonal, You Name It!

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“You don’t do anything, I don’t understand how you are always so tired and stressed out!” this is what my dad is constantly saying to either my younger brother or me. Sometimes, I believe it myself, and in other times, I feel like pulling my hair in frustration. I am extremely glad that I had the opportunity of reading Sean Covey’s, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, because now I understand that I am not the only one out there who is an emotional wreck all the time. I had this awesome definition-well at least it was for me- about what I thought a successful teen should be like, but now that I’ve read the book, I’ve found one much better. For me, Sean’s way of defining a successful student is by arming any intellectual with positive tools or habits, so that she or he can get through whatever they desire. I found out that I was already using some of the habits that Sean wrote about, and they were to put first things first and to begin ...view middle of the document...

When I entered high school, it was very hard. For almost two years I had not cared about my future, and now I wanted to start thinking about it and making goals. I am not going to denied that my freshmen year had great results, but at least I had already made one goal; I wanted to go to college.
With that goal in mind, I knew that I had to do many things in order to go to college. I mentally made a list of things. For instance, knew that I had to raise my G.P.A, pass my classes, and get a better attendance record. I also knew that I had to pass my OGT’s because by now I had made another goal.
In results of this I develop my second important habit; to put first things first. But at the beginning it was a bad habit. I became school-centered and I joined every club there was. I joined them because I loved being on top of things, but it backfire because I did not know how to prioritize or plan at first. However I did later got the hanged of things because I bought my first life-saving planner. And I became so much better, and now I can do different things because I know how to plan and stay organized.
I still need to work on one thing from this habit; my “Yes man persona”. I try to please anyone, and I thought at first that that was very weird; until I read the lines of Sean Covey’s book “He tries so hard to please everyone that he usually ends up pleasing no one, including himself.” (pg. 191) And that is the truth because I never please anyone, not even myself. I am glad to say that I am making great progress because I have people that are helping me get through it, I’m even saying no, but like Sean says “take baby steps”.

I am fortunate for already developing two of the most important habits. It doesn’t stop here, because I plan to continue using these habits for the rest of my life. In results of this I know on what I need to work on to finally become an effective teen. However, Society changes all the time, as well as teens, so it is very hard to say whether the definition or the idea of an effective teen will remain. Though, I know that every generation deserves a chance, and I know that teens in every new generation will find a way to be successful on their own.

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