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“You jerk! How many times do I need to tell you not to waste your time in playing and painting? Grow up kid! Next time if you get a “B” in your final, I am going to lock you up in the balcony the whole night!” What do you think? Can you guess the argument from this short dialogue? Well, if you are thinking it is about strict parenting, then you are right. In our society everyday behind the closed doors many children goes through such circumstances. They are burnt, beaten by canes, sticks, and belts, slapped, yelled, kicked and even ears, hair are pulled without any mercy. Do you know who the monsters here are? Quite shameful, but it is their own parents. Strict parenting is an important issue, though many people ignore or hide such fact but voice should be raise against such heinous act. Strict parenting results in aggressive children, hurtful children and the children’s failure in the future. Parents are the best teacher for their children and if the teachers commit crime, then it should be stopped for the sake of many innocent souls.
Parent’s consistent harsh behavior towards their children many times takes away their innocent, playful behavior turning them into violent person. Many parents think that, by yelling, shouting or hitting their children can make them obedient and disciplined. Through research t is seen that, “Among rural Hawai’ian Polynesians Americans, relatives do not hesitate to yell from one house to the next that a spanking has gone on long enough or it is too severe a response to the child’s misbehavior. Children are aware of this protection. They often scream or cry more quickly and loudly than a spanking warrants as an effective strategy to summon help and disarm an angry parent.(Korben 1987a, 1990).( Children, childhood, and violence, page 437). Thus it is seen, that parents, relatives do not bother to think deeply about the consequences of their rude behavior towards their children. Children scream, cry to get away from the situation but cannot. It is seen through research that, the negative behavior of parents often makes the child to imitate that and become aggressive. According to a journal, “Harsh Parenting in Relation to Child Emotion Regulation & Aggression, it is stated that, “Parents who exhibit hurtful and hostile negative emotions frequently may model deregulated behavior for children to imitate (Eisenberg et al, 2001, p.488). Thus, though parents act violently without realizing, it impacts on their child’s behavior. It is also said that, “Parental physical punishment has also been significantly associated with adolescent’s depression symptomatology and distress (McLoyd et al, 1994), children’s aggression (Coie and Dodge, 1998), and a etiology of criminal and anti-social behavior in both children and adults (Mc Cord, 1997). (Childhoods in South Asia, pg.322). Therefore, parents hurtful behavior affect greatly on the children. Continuous harsh behavior lives temporary rather it influences in...

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