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Strict Parenting Negative Impact On Children

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“You Jerk! How many times do I need to tell you not to waste your time in playing and painting? Grow up kid! Next time if you get a “B” in your final, I am going to lock you up in the balcony the whole night!” In today’s society many children undergoes through such circumstances. They are burnt, beaten by canes, sticks, and belts, slapped, yelled, kicked and even their ears, hair are being pulled without any mercy. Quite shameful! But it is their own parents who emotionally and physically violate their children. Many parents believe that the best way to control their children and taught them a good lesson is by giving them physical punishment. Even many educated parents are also ignorant of strict parenting effects on their children. Strict parenting negative impact on children is quite a sensitive argument as parents has their own ways of thinking of bringing up their children. Strict parenting results in aggressive, mentally depressed children, and creates a dark future of the children.
Parent’s consistent harsh behavior towards their children on small issues many times takes away their innocent, playful behavior turning them into wild and a violent person. All children are born innocent. It is the circumstances in their life which makes them mentally disturbed and violent. People before addressing someone “a criminal or a mentally disturbed person” should look over his life’s history what actually caused him a violent person? “In the meta-analysis of research into parenting styles, entitled, “The Relationship Between Parenting and Delinquency: A Meta-analysis” and published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology authors reports that a psychologically controlling parenting was strongly associated with anti-social behavior and delinquency.”( Hoeve, M. “The Relationship between Parenting and Delinquency: A Meta-Analysis” Feb 7, 2010 - 1. Chapter 2.) A person all of a sudden does not become a violent person. Ways of controlling the children highly influences their character and behavior. It is very disappointing that children’s own parents fail to realize this fact. Strict parenting does not result in positive outcomes rather it creates a sense of cruelty, rude, and aggressive behavior upon the children’s mentality. Many parents may deny accepting this fact, but research and evidence proves negative of strict parenting on children’s attitude. Physical punishment is not only the solution to control a child.
Parents use physical punishment as a weapon in order to control their children from doing evil activities. But does this weapon actually make them better? Or it makes the situation more worse? Parents believe that, physical punishment like slapping, pinching, hitting with objects may cause fear among the children and this fear will ultimately stop them doing evil activities in further. But according to the book “Childhood in South Asia, Parental Physical punishment in Srilanka” studies revealed that, “ Though Physical...

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