Stricter Laws: Not The Answer Essay

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Texting and driving has become a real problem here lately, and something needs to be done before it gets worse. Some people in our society think that stricter laws should be implemented, but others think that the general public should be better educated. Although stricter laws may be effective latter on, but stricter laws would not be easy to enforce.
Should stricter laws pertain texting and driving be created. Stricter laws should be put in place, with heavier fine, so people won’t want to deal with the consequences. In Targeted News Service’s article “Laws, Education Not Enough to Curb Distracted Driving”, they use the opinions of two doctors, Jeffrey H. Coben and Motao Zhu, to tell that these laws should be implemented or improved. In the article they say, “Coben and Zhu strongly believe the federal government should take greater action, including setting new safety standards requiring the development and implementation of this technology” (Targeted News Service 2). If these laws were strengthened, then the general public would obey the law therefore make them be safer, and stop texting and driving because they would not want to face the consequences. Although stricter laws might work, they would probably not be effective until a person has interaction with the law or already faces the consequences. “For now, though, efforts to outlaw dialing-while-driving will be about as effective as the alcohol-banning 18th Amendment, ratified in 1919 and repealed in 1933” (USA Today A10). In the quotation it gives an example from the past, Prohibition, to show that this law will not be effectives.
Education is a superior deterrent to stricter laws because it has triumphed over the stricter laws in past debates for example, drunk driving and getting millions to routinely buckle up. If people were better educated on what could happen if they were to be in a wreak while texting, then they might change their mind about the madder because they do not want it to happen to them. For example, “A 19-year-old who had received or sent texts 11 times in the minutes preceding the accident that killed two and injured 38” (USA Today A10). If everyone in the general public were aware of this crash, then they...

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