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Strike Hard Against Criminals Campaign In China

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"Strike Hard at Severe Criminal Activities to Ensure a Peaceful Life for the People" written by Shu Huaide describes the reasoning behind the Chinese Central Committee implementation of the "Strike Hard" campaign in 1996. The Strike Hard policy focus was to deal with the increase of criminal activity due to the reform taking place in the economy. During the mid 1990s an idea for a New China was launched and with the creation of this idea, opening up and reform came along hand in hand. The New China brought about new dilemmas and the increase in criminal activity was a major problem which faces the CCP. The article is written based on the side of the government entirely. Shu Huaide is the Secretary General of the Central Committee's Political Legal Commission, so this article will only stress the positives of the strike hard campaign and exclude the negatives. Granted many positives do come out of the Strike Hard policy of 1996, but the CCP knowingly implemented the policy to intensive its political repression.Since Shu Huaide is internal in the Legal Commission in the Central Committee, the article focuses on the ways the Strike Hard campaign will decrease the amount of violent crime by "accelerating the pace of processing cases, try to conclude investigations quickly, promptly approve arrests, speedily prosecute, and try the criminals. " "There absolutely should not be a merciful hand. " Shu Huaide statistically backs up the need for the CCP to take a drastic measure such as implementing the Strike Hard campaign, stating that there was a 13.5 percent increase of crimes involving guns from 1994 to 1995. Since the reform and opening up in China during the mid 1990s, new types of crimes and a new breed of criminals became a large problem in urban sectors. These criminals, Huaide argues, "directly destroy good social order, make society vulnerable, and damage social stability. "Shu Huaide try's to convince the reader that the Strike Hard campaign is in the best interest of the people. Huaide quotes Jiang Zemin "the starting point and standing point for our thinking about and handling problems should always be consideration for the people's fundamental interests. " Although the argument can be made that this policy does do good for the average Chinese citizens, it does however take away many fundamental human rights. This is in order to make China look much more stable, which was the governments main goal because of the opening up stance it was taking during this time. Without stability, then development could not go further within China. The government understood that stability is created; stability is needed for development of social and economic goals. Stability within China also made it very attractive to outside investment, but a high crime rates and no leash on citizens, created the opposite effect.The political environment in China during that time was a bit tense. Opening up was something that some in the CCP were very much against. Jiang...

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