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Striking A Child With An Open Hand On The Buttocks

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Spanking is a form of discipline that parents may or may not agree with. Parents usually do not admit that they spank their children. Is it because they know that it is a bad act of discipline? Parents who do admit to spanking of their child say it is to show the child who is boss in the house. As for others, spanking is wrong because these parents think there can be a future problems from the effect of spanking. Spanking children can lead to emotional, mental and even physical problem as they grow up because the later effects of spanking and abuse caused by the disciplinary action of spanking.
While I am against spanking a child, I understand that spanking a child can discipline him/her. Parents control the correction of their children; every parent knows how to make their child listen to them. Some parents threaten to spank their child so the child stops misbehaving immediately because the child does not want to get hit. As an effective temporary solution, parents spank their child to stop the child’s uncontrollable behavior in the moment of the parent doing something. When the child is spanked it shocks the child which then lets the child calm down resulting to letting the parent take a breather.
Therefore, spanking does not teach obedience to the child but teaches the child to fear the parent. The child then starts to disrespect his/her parents when the child becomes older because they had no respect for the parent but rather had a fear when younger.
As a result of the child experiencing abuse, children become adapted to demonstrating the same behavior with other people. “Using force can injure a child and warp his understanding of how to interact with others: namely, that it's okay to hit someone to get your own way. And experts warn that children who have this antisocial lesson beaten into them are more likely to exhibit violent behavior later in life” (O’Callaghan). Corporal punishment is related to a child’s disobedience later in life. “Although many parents view beatings as terrible and spankings as essentially harmless, Straus and other psychologists believe that spanking is dangerous in its own right. Not only does it teach kids that "might makes right," but it causes fear, anger, pain, and resentment that can harm a child's self-image. He argues that because corporal punishment is so pervasive in this country, it is one of the biggest contributors to depression. "We could probably do more to prevent adult depression by ending the use of spanking than any other single preventative step we could take," Straus says” (Waters)
For instance, “Children increasingly mistrust the motives of others and become a more threat reactive. It leads to aggressive expectations—they are ready to aggress first before they are aggressed against” (Narvaez). Trust is also looked down upon because children start to put up a self-protective shield to protect themselves from other people hurting them. Parents become the reason for their child’s aggression...

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