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According to Answers.com, three billion people in the United States watch some sort of sport for their entertainment. When Americans are watching a sport they are most likely not thinking about what is actually going on in terms of kinesiological analysis. This may not seem important to some people but to athletes, coaches, trainers, doctors, and physical therapists, kinesiological analysis could be the difference to saving an athletic career. A kinesiological analysis goes through all the steps taken when the body is doing any type movement. This type of analysis explains what joint, muscles, and movements that have to be used to do the motion.Any movement that the body uses in everyday life may be put under kinesiological analysis. However, analysis is more crucial when it comes to sports especially contact sports such as football and soccer. Volleyball is an example of one of the many sports that involve many muscle and joint movements. One skill in volleyball that uses many motions is hitting; it involves jumping, swinging, squatting, an approach, and landing.Many people do not understand the prime purpose of hitting, as a volleyball player, I am going to say the primary purpose is to be consistent and get a kill. Getting a kill means being able to have the right speed, accuracy, and power necessary to hit around the defense on the other side of the net and have the ball hit the floor before the other side can dig it. Hitting is one of the most difficult skills to perfect in volleyball; it can be changed by many different factors that are out of the athlete's control. "The duration of the spiking motion is 0.6 to 0.8 seconds….Elite level spikers hit the ball half way into the jump at 0.3 to 0.4 seconds. This makes the spiking technique one of the most complicated skills in sports." (Sport Biomechanics, Mark Mann) To begin all the steps necessary to hit the ball, the player starts their approach in an almost running stance with their dominant foot forward. The athlete is then ready to start the common 3-step approach that can either be left, right, left or right, left, right depending on what the dominant foot is. This 3-step approach is carried out in a walk/running motion which is used to build up momentum to go into a squatting position. The squatting position is used to prepare the body to propel in the air using arms and legs. While in the air, the athlete must go through other phases with their upper body, this can be very difficult and one of the reasons why hitting is one of the most difficult motions in volleyball. The first movement don't in the air is called a windup phase to prepare the arm and shoulder to hit the ball. Then the next phase is the hand actually coming in contact with the ball and makes a motion similar to throwing. The athlete strikes the ball at the peak of their swing with the purpose of being consistent and hopefully getting a kill. Next is the follow through phase, this phase is when the wrist snaps and...

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