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Striving To Achieve At County Community And Technical College

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For me, attending a state college, private college, or university was out of the question. I did not have the minimal ACT or SAT scores, and it had been 18 years since I had been in school. With open enrollment at community colleges, a college admission process that only requires you to have a high school diploma or a General Educational Development certificate, I decided to attend a community college by word of mouth and research done on the college website. Since I enrolled at Minneapolis Community and Technical College in the Fall of 2013, I have gotten the encouragement from my professors and in turn has given me the aspiration to push myself to excel in my studies.
I could not imagine starting my college education anywhere but Minneapolis Community and Technical College. The reason that I say this is because Minneapolis Community and Technical College makes me feel like family and very comfortable in achieving any goal that I may have. I came to Minneapolis Community and Technical College thinking that all the other students here would be a lot more advanced and superior than I am only because I took so much time off from school. Starting classes here my thoughts were completely changed by the way everyone was welcoming and eager to help me with whatever I needed. Another reason why I feel that Minneapolis Community and Technical College is a great place to get my feet wet is because of the small class sizes, that range from 18 to about 54 students, and convenient location from where I live. My commute, by personal transportation to campus is about 20 minutes or 5.5 miles away from where I live in St. Paul. Most four year colleges and universities would be hesitant to accept an individual like myself whose ACT and SAT scores were so low and most likely unacceptable at any university in Minnesota.
The more and more I continue my education at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, I fell in love with every aspect about this campus. The diversity in students here is very unique to me because where I come from I didn't see this many different ethnic backgrounds. I feel that this is a great way to meet new people and understand that Minneapolis Community and Technical College is a place where everyone is accepted and the only thing that matters here is going to class and striving to achieve the best grades and obtain knowledge can from each class. Another main reason that Minneapolis Community and Technical College is a great place for me to begin my education is the very low cost of attending the college unlike other institutes with high tuition. In all, I feel that I am very fortunate to be referred by my cousin Duane to a college like Minneapolis Community and Technical College.
One of the things that I like about community colleges is the encouragement I have received from every professor I have encountered at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. As an example of encouragement in Mike Rose's Back...

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