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Neurologic clinics:

Provides an overview of stroke rehabilitation covering patient management in the acute, subacute, and chronic phases of poststroke treatment. Cognitive, behavioral, and functional assessment in the subacute poststroke phase is discussed, neuropsychiatric problems occurring during this phase are identified, and cognitive deficits and perceptual deficits encountered during occupational therapy are described. Speech, recreational, and music therapy and social support services are also considered.

Rehabilitation Psychology:

Objective: To investigate the efficacy of music therapy techniques as an aid in improving mood and social interaction after traumatic brain injury or stroke. Design: Eighteen individuals with traumatic brain injury or stroke were assigned either standard rehabilitation alone or standard rehabilitation along with music therapy (3 treatments per week for up to 10 treatments). Measures: Pretreatment and posttreatment assessments of participant self-rating of mood, family ratings of mood and social interaction, and therapist rating of mood and participation in therapy. Results: There was a significant improvement in family members' assessment of participants' social interaction in the music therapy group relative to the control group. The staff rated participants in the music therapy group as more actively involved and cooperative in therapy than those in the control group. There was a trend suggesting that self-ratings and family ratings of mood showed greater improvement in the music group than in the control group. Conclusions: Results lend preliminary support to the efficacy of music therapy as a complementary therapy for social functioning and participation in rehabilitation with a trend toward improvement in mood during acute rehabilitation.
music therapy, mood and social interaction and participation in therapy, 31-84 yr olds with traumatic brain injury or stroke

Arts in Psychotherapy:

describes the Loewenstein model of group art therapy for stroke patients as a part of a rehabilitation program. Soon after the onset of stroke, patients usually experience a major emotional turbulence due to loss of motor, language, or cognitive capacities. The primary goal of art therapy in stroke rehabilitation is to help patients process and readapt to the multiple aspects of this new situation. The case of a 51-yr-old male stroke patient is presented to illustrate the use of this therapeutic model.

Handbook of Rehab. Psychology:

Constraint-induced (CI) movement therapy greatly increases the amount of use of an impaired upper extremity in patients with chronic stroke by repeatedly practicing use of the stroke-affected arm and constraining use of the unaffected arm. This new approach to physical rehabilitation elaborated from basic research in behavioral psychology and neuroscience. This chapter provides a brief exploration of reasons why psychologists are not regularly involved in...

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