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Strong Passion To Pursue An Mba Of A Student From The 3rd World

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1. At the very beginning, I would emphasize that I am living and working in HoChiMinh City, Vietnam where business growth has been increasing day-by-day. It is expected that in a near future the business environments in this area will follow the steps of developed countries and therefore the management must possess internationally broad views and visions, as well as better managerial skills. That is the reason why I am applying for the MBA program offered by your institute. And because my under-graduation major is International Business, I expect to continue a further education with concentration on International Business.2. I need a good MBA education to: (1) give me a macro framework for analyzing international business markets, (2) expose me to smart, young businesspersons who aspire to develop a continuous learning process to cope with a fast-paced growing society. Although I am now working as a Sales Manager, I understand that if I don't have my knowledge enriched, I would be certainly lagging behind. Moreover, during the summer holiday, I would like to find some summer jobs to learn about the U.S. actual business environments and to realize the differences between the U.S. and Vietnam business operations.3. My long-range objective originates from a fact that most of the top managers in multinational companies in HoChiMinh City are foreigners. I wondered why Vietnamese people didn't possess those attractive positions. My friends working in Human Resources Departments in some multinational companies told me that those types of management required businesspersons with an international business education in order to think and make decision with internationally broad views and visions. So my long-term goal is to obtain a top managerial position in such companies. I will challenge myself in the future career path and an MBA education is one of my means to help me pursue my dream.4. I find myself suitable for taking an MBA program because I have various interests which help me realize more aspects of the world. One of my interests is traveling. I have traveled to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and China. In each short trip, I have paid much attention to the economic development of those countries as well as the business environments. I have also explored their cultures and compared them with those of my country. I...

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