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Strong Artificial Intelligence Essay

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The idea of artificial intelligence has always been a very fascinating phenomenon among our society. It paved the way for a new genre in the entertainment industry that brought forth ideas of human like robots. In the acclaimed movie, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, an artificial intelligent robot of the future named David, designed to experience love, is sent to a family to replace their human comatose son. As the comatose son recovers, the family no longer need David. David, craving for the motherly love he experienced, sets out to become a “real” boy to make his human mother happy. These type of ideas have raised many concerns that are debated to this day. This is known as the prodigious artificial intelligence debate, one which has yet to be resolved. Believers of a view called “Strong Artificial Intelligence” consider that in the not so distant future the computing power of machines will be able to unequivocally match the brain power of human brains. The “Weak Artificial Intelligence” advocates believe that machines will only ever be able to simulate the intelligence of a human brain as they will never truly be aware of what they are doing. Unfortunately, Strong Artificial Intelligence cannot be deemed possible as machines do not have the ability to mimic the human mind problem for problem, successfully have a state of consciousness, and are unable to achieve a state of qualia. The following simple argument represents why Strong Artificial Intelligence is not possible:
1. Strong Artificial Intelligence occurs ultimately when qualities that are accredited to the human brain are demonstrated by machines.
2. Machines are unable to completely mimic the human brain.
3. Strong Artificial Intelligence is not possible.
In 1950, young Alan Turing, published a paper called, Computing Machinery and Intelligence, which brought forth the invention of the Turing Test. The goal of the computing machine was to trick a human into thinking that itself is a human. If the machine was to pass the test it would prove that computer machines have the ability to mimic human intelligence. The test, also commonly known as “The Imitation Game” is conducted by two people and one computer. Each has a specific role that they must play out: one is the interrogator that is trying to discover the gender of the other two and of the other two, one is answering honestly, while the other is not. Turing thought this feat would be accomplished by 2000, but to this day the Turing Test has not been conquered by any machine, proving that machines do not have the ability to mimic the human brain.
In 1980, John Searle, proposed another idea called, “The Chinese Room”, in his paper, Minds, Brains, and Programs, arguing that the Turing Test is flawed as it does not have the ability to determine if the machine can think. He came to this conclusion after discovering that some programs were able to manipulate their answers while they had no understanding of what their answer was. Searle...

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