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Structural Family Therapy Essay

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The Structural Model

In our society families are the foundation of all human relationships. Therefore learning to maintain and develop healthy families are the goals of family therapist. Counselors can use the Structural Family Therapy approach in counseling hurting families. The pioneer of structural family therapy is Salvador Minuchin (Hammond & Nichols, 2014).
Structural family therapist have exemplified within the context relational therapies that uncovers stressors in relationship between individuals (Vetere, 2001). Structural family therapy has been known to be called “interventive approach” because of the “intensity” to encourage clients to change (Hammond & Nichols, 2014).
Structure therapy states that psychopathology is preserved and created not through individual pathology but through deficit in a family’s organizational structure. Therefore family therapist are not trying to solve the families’ problem but rather concentrate on the family’s organizational form (Ford, Durtchi, Franklin, 2012).
Furthermore, the structural family therapy are theories and techniques method for individuals to help them in their social and relational relationships (Vetere, 2001). Additionally, the definition of structure is organizational characteristics of families at any given time, the family subsystems, and open and concealed rules that effect interpersonal decisions and behaviors in the family (Vetere, 2001).
Moreover, the foundational approach to structural family therapy are that families’ are views as psychosocial systems, attached within social systems, which operate in a transactional patters. The transaction patterns are how, when and whom to relate, and reinforce systems. As a result each family duty are carried out within constrained system (Vetere, 2001).

Family Subsystems

Subsequently, every family produces their own subsystem and gives each member within the family particular tasks to accomplish. Therefore maintaining order within the family demonstrates clear boundaries (Vetere, 2001). Additionally, examples of subsystems are parental, siblings, male/female, and couple. Inasmuch the relationships in the subsystem can be labeled as association, coalition, and pattern of conflict resolution, diffuse boundaries, enmeshment, and disengagement (Vetere, 2001).
According to Goldenberg and Goldenberg (2013) family subsystems are parts in a family structure. Furthermore, subsystems are formed by individuals on a brief or stable subsystem within their given roles at times can fluctuate (Vetere, 2001). As an example: a man can be a brother, uncle, son and father all at the same times in different relationships (Murdock, 2009).
Subsystems within a family offers cherished instruction in development of self and
enhancing personal skills. (Vetere, 2001). Therefore, a person and entire family are maintained by personal boundaries, imaginary obstacles that control each member (Nichols & Schwartz, 2004). Structural...

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