Structural Theory And Solution Focused Brief Theory

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Structural Theory and Solution-focused Brief Theory

As a marriage, couple, and family counselor, theories are used to help guide individuals, couples, and families. Theories help with the development of relationships, strengthen connections, and improves negative behavior. Counseling clients will not only help them, but it will also improve the development of the counselor’s practice.
Comparison of Structural Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Structural therapy focuses on the family as a whole. It is concerned about how the issues effect the family relationships and connections. This theory concentrates on how well the understanding is amongst the family members and counselor. The members of the family are prompted to understand how the issues were created, where did the issues come from, when the issues started effecting their family, and what the family needs to overcome their issues. Its focus is to help others understand and improve negative behavior. The structural therapy concentrates on the interaction and boundaries of families with separating the whole family into smaller groups. The subsystems will create a clearer understanding of what issues are hurting their family environment (Gladding, S. T. 2010). The counselor is concerned about the members interaction because this reveals how strong the relationships and connections are in the home. The boundaries are important because they create an understanding that there are limits and order, and the boundaries can be diffused, rigid, or clear (Gladding, S. T. 2010). The counselor is expected to identify techniques so members can understand which boundaries are clear, positive, and healthy (Gladding, S. T. 2010).
When the solution-focused brief therapy is applied, counselors are concerned about the troubled relationships and connections. However, they are more focused on the family members overall success. This theory is short-term and brief (Gladding, S. T. 2010). With a focus on the achievement and success of families, the theory is able to be effective. The counselor is more involved providing encouragement and motivation towards the members improving behaviors. This theory is similar to the others with being concerned about the members developing and improving, but it is mostly concerned about the outcome (Gladding, S. T. 2010).
Strengths and Limitations1
The structural theory is very effective in its approach and development. This theory strives to help family members understand their roles in the home. It understands when the past issues are confronted; the present issues can be helped. This theory provides resources that will help reveal different behaviors. Last, the involvement of the counselor is important when using this theory because the counselor/client bond is what helps the families improve.
The limitations of the structural therapy are continuing to have more focus on the issues of families and the weak approach...

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