Structure In “A Woman's Beauty” By Susan Sontag

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In Sontag’s “A Woman’s Beauty” the structure the author uses for the story has a dramatic impact on the readers. In the story, Sontag structures the essay base on many historical events and other religious ideas to support her idea, how a woman sometime is only judge by her appearance. Specifically, Sontag uses three ideas in the story to support her argument. First is in history what the Greeks believe in a woman’s beauty. Second, Sontag discuss about how the Christian religion plays a major role in shaping how a woman is judge only base on her beauty. In the end, Sontag talks about in today’s society how woman are still judge by her beauty. However, in the end Sontag mentions how the society should stop judging a woman only base on her beauty.
In the beginning, Sontag structures the history on what the Greeks believe about a woman’s beauty. Base on what Sontag describes, the Greeks believe if a woman is beautiful in the outside, she must be really beautiful in the inside as well, in this quote “If it did occur to the Greeks to distinguish between a person’s “inside” and “outside,” they still expected that inner beauty would be matched by beauty of the other kind.” (Sontag 15) in this quote Sontag talks about how the Greeks believe if a woman is pretty in the outside, she must be a good person inside. Moreover, after the discussion about what the Greeks believe in history, Sontag compares that idea to today’s society. “We not only split off – with the greatest facility – the “inside” from the “outside”, but we are actually surprised when someone who is beautiful is also intelligent, talented, good.” (Sontag 15) in this quote Sontag outlines the fact that in today’s society we believe the opposite, where we will be surprise if we find a pretty woman and she’s still intelligent, talented and good in the side. This tells the readers, that Sontag wants to use this to show the readers that in today’s society, we no longer judge people base only on their outer appearance. This is a very controversial topic because the Greek belief is very bias. This idea plays a great hook, since this idea draws readers’ interest to find out what the rest of the story has to offer. ...

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