Structured Portfolio Of My Teaching Activities

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Structured Portfolio Assignment
Prepare a structured portfolio relating to your teaching activities over a minimum of a 3 month period.


This is a portfolio of the teaching activities I undertake as a Teaching Fellow. I will be reflecting on my activities and discussing the principles that I have tried to use to guide my teaching. I am a clinical teaching fellow in Medicine and I am involved with teaching undergraduate medical students. I am also involved with the examination of medical students at different stages of their study. This takes place in a variety of settings like bedside teaching, tutorials, lectures, mock examinations. I will include evidence of the different aspects of teaching I am involved with.
I feel privileged to be involved in training medical students to become doctors and it is therefore my responsibility to make every effort to develop the skills needed to become a competent teacher. These skills according to the General Medical Council’s document Tomorrow’s Doctors(2009) involve using emotional intelligence when teaching the students, and teaching them with an awareness of what the curriculum objectives are.
Background of My Teaching Role as a Clinical Teaching Fellow

My teaching experience prior to my job as a teaching fellow was limited to impromptu bedside teaching of house-officers and medical students. However, when I was a medical student, I was involved in giving tutorials as well as organising revision sessions for my fellow students.
Currently, I work as a Clinical Teaching Fellow, where medical students from the University at various levels of their training come for their clinical posting. The Medical school has a graduate entry programme for Medicine and therefore all the medical students have a science-based first degree before starting the four-year course in Medicine. They are therefore treated as adult learners who are expected to be self-directed in their approach to learning.
As a teaching fellow, I have had the opportunity to undergo examiner training and have participated as an examiner in different medical student exams. I have also been involved with setting exam questions for the Objective-Structured Clinical Examination for 2nd-year students. This has helped to guide some of the teaching activities I have undertaken so that I can support the medical students on their journey to becoming doctors.

Outcome 1
Undertake a self-evaluation of your development as a teacher through a systematic and critical application of established frameworks describing the features of the effective and excellent educator.
One of the frameworks I used to carry out a self-evaluation of my development as a teacher is that of Hesketh et al (2001). It is a comprehensive framework that can be used in a variety of teaching situations and can be used by organisations to help when planning to appoint new staff. It has 12 outcomes under 3 general headings of what the teacher is able to do,...

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