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Structuring A Successful Composition Course Essay

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Thinking about how I would structure my classroom for a composition course creates a dilemma for me. I had a great experience in my high school composition courses. I really responded to how it was taught and made a personal connection to the work I was doing. Originally, I wanted to model my classroom after the one I had loved so much. The readings I have done concerning postmodern techniques being used in a composition course have also seemed very appealing to me, but present a different classroom experience. James Berlin claims “in teaching writing we are tacitly teaching a version of reality and the student’s place and mode of operation in it” (235). Without dealing with the forces students are contending with I would be indoctrinating them with my own ideology and not teaching them the tools to understand and work with these systems for themselves. The problem is how can I reconcile these two teaching styles to fit into my version of a productive and successful classroom?

The initial thing I would be concerned with when teaching a course such as this is how to get the students to want to do the work. I know that most kids do not want any part of schoolwork period, but how can I make the work interesting enough to get kids to at least have some kind of connection to their work? My first instinct would be to assign a short writing task with a few options for topics concerning the kids personal lives, family situations, or friends. James Sosnoski in his essay “Postmodern Teachers in Their Postmodern Classrooms: Socrates Begone!” attempts to create a series of writing assignments for his postmodern classroom. His first assignment would not be as concerned with the individuals issues, but he would have the students write about oppression (213). This seems a little bit much for the first assignment, but I think it could have a real benefit in both upper level high school classes and first year composition classes in college. A real understanding of oppression would help many people build a foundation for understanding many of the issues they will be asked to deal with in their lives and it helps understanding one’s own oppression and subjectivity in the world. At first it is difficult to think about how middle class white kids are oppressed, but they are in numerous ways and it is important to have them understand how they function in society. For me, the issue of gender is raised immediately, not just for women, but the men as well. In lower class or predominantly non-white school settings there would be other issues raised, such as race, religion, oppression by the law or authoritarian figures. All of these should be considered valid oppressions and looked at in combination with each other. John Clifford argues that these subjectivities are frequently seen as “messy accidents” rather than issues that should be investigated (44). Looking at these issues critically could give students who have felt out of place or as though they were not...

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