Struggle For Independence: Pivotal Battles Of The Revolution

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Americans of the eighteenth century might question: What were the most pivotal battles of the revolution? Was it at Saratoga, where the British marched through the dense forests of Massachusetts, trying to isolate the northern colonies and then attack them? When the Americans in Massachusetts heard of this plan, they constructed a plan to attack this convoy? Wa s it at Trenton, when Washington took his men on December 25th across the frigid Delaware River to surprise the Hessians? Then captured around 1,500 Hessians, and marched through the city of Philadelphia. Was it at Yorktown, where the final battle was held against the British? And were assisted by the French in taking down British forts. The most pivotal battles of the revolution were the battles of Saratoga, Trenton, and Yorktown.
Before the fighting broke out at Saratoga, the British constructed a plan to go down the St Lawrence river to Lake Ontario, then on to Mohawk Valley and eventually Saratoga. There, they planned on cutting off the New England colonies, by marching through New Jersey and New York. Then they planned to arrive in New York City on the Hudson River to meet up with the other British infantry. The British thought that a divide and conquer strategy would be the best way to be victorious against the American colonies, especially at the battle of Saratoga. The British had no future knowledge about the terrain but did have Native American and Canadian guides to help them survive in the unknown lands. With all of this planning, the British were ready to execute this plan and started their journey in Canada.
Meanwhile, the Americans heard of this attack and came up with a plan. American General Benedict Arnold thought that fighting in an open area would leave them at a disadvantage. This led him to fighting in closed areas like trails. After the many attacks of Americans, killing guides and troops, the Indian scouts deserted the British.
At Saratoga there were two battles, the Battle of Freeman's Farm and the Battle Bemis Heights. Freeman’s Farm was the more fierce battle, 300 Americans were lost in this fight. Even though Bemis Heights had more deaths at six hundred, the warfare was more brutal at Freeman’s Farm. “The British, who enjoyed a degree of success at Freeman's Farm, now suffered from reduced rations, and their horses died of starvation.”(American Revolution). The British general John Burgoyne's men were shivering in the cold fall nights while still wearing their summer uniforms The second battle was Bemis heights, where 1,600 British were sent to flank the Americans. Then the Americans launched two attacks on British redoubts. By this time, Burgoyne was waiting for reinforcements when British general William Howe (the reinforcements) decided to attack the rebel capital Philadelphia. Now Burgoyne's supplies were coming more infrequently. Five thousand eight hundred and ninety five hessian and British troop...

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