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George Washington once said, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and fearful master,” (“George Washington Quotes”). This is true, government is not reason, since no one actually knows what is “right” versus what is “wrong,” it is just a matter of opinion. The government holding the power of so many lives can be dangerous; the government is definitely a force. This force is made of ideas that make up the government power in nations, including the United States, against the struggles countries face everyday. This “force” or “drive” for what was “right” in early United States is what helped the United States become the strong nation it is today. Despite gaining independence from Britain, the United States faced numerous obstacles that threatened the stability of the fledgling nation.
For example, one major obstacle the new nation had to face was the ineffectiveness of the Articles of Confederation. Under the rule of the Articles of Confederation, states had the majority of the power and there was no power associated with a centralized federal government. In order to be successful, a nation needs a strong central government to deal with international affairs, regulate laws, monitor taxes, and handle the national debt. Since all the states had conflicting ideas, opinions, and needs, none of these responsibilities could be met, threatening stability and making the nation appear weak to other world powers. Because of this lack of a national government, most citizens were forced to pay extremely high taxes and, as a result, were extremely enraged. This anger over taxes instigated Shays’ Rebellion, as farmers rebelled against against the outrageous taxes- sometimes greater than what they make as a income- to compensate for the lack of federal government to pay back the national debt (Moschella, “Articles of Confederation and Shays’ Rebellion”). This rebellion was lead by Daniel Shays, a farmer in Massachusetts that targeted an armory to use the materials against the government collecting the outrageous amounts of taxes from himself and other farmers. The emerging United States was almost destroyed by Shays’ rebellion because when civilians rebelled, the nation had no centralized government to control such an outbreak of rebellion, and if this behavior continued, or more outbreaks occurred, the country would be in turmoil (Moschella, “Shay’s Rebellion”).
Another obstacle that emerged after the downfall of the Articles of Confederation was the recreation of the government’s structure was the uncertainty over how the centralized government should be devised. The United States needed to actually become a united front and have a centralized federal government. All states except Rhode Island agreed with this idea. The reason Rhode Island did not agree was because its people enjoyed having all the power in their state, where Rhode Island was equally represented along with the other states, and not...

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