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Struggles & Perceptions Of Others Change The Thinking Process

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The novel “Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures” by Vincent Lam takes the readers through experiences that occur from being a physician. A physician, undoubtedly has a very difficult and stressful job as it is another person’s life in their hands. Vincent Lam’s short stories come straight from his own experiences and the barriers encountered to obtain a status in the medical field. The novel starts off with Vincent Lam going through the personal lives of Ming and Fitzgerald along with a few of their colleagues that grind through medical school to become a physician. It is evident throughout this novel that these physicians face a lot of ethical dilemmas. Physicians typically have to handle ...view middle of the document...

With this in mind, it is clear and convincing that love is inevitable but can easily come to a halt with the differences of two individuals. Ming and Fitzgerald highly value education and in order to be with each other, they would study together. This allows them to be closer to each other and spend time with each other. It is evidently shown that Ming and Fitzgerald just want to be with each other as Ming’s actions are highly apparent; “Ming pretended to look out the windows, allowed herself to briefly watch the half-image of his reflection speaking silently” (9). With the values of education disrupting the way of Fitzgerald and Ming, their love cannot be expressed for each other emphasising the conflicts that intervene with one’s life. After sometime, Fitzgerald had told Ming about how he feels about her. One night when they both had alcohol in their body, Ming called Fitzgerald and said “You’ve been honest, so I should be. I am attracted to you, and now that we both understand this problem, we shouldn’t study together or even see each other” (12). With all of this in mind, it is very hard to comprehend how people contemplate when their judgements are obstructed by their values.
On the other hand, relationships for many are the driving factor towards success in life. An individual needs another person, whom is very close to their heart that will give support and love while in the times of distress. Throughout this novel, readers are constantly exposed to several factors that allow them to pursue goals in life. Of course, relationships also bring conflicts, but it is said that relationship conflicts are rather good than bad. Relationships are made from love, however, this novel identifies the tolls it has on people while being a physician. Physicians have a tough task at hand. Human life is never perfect, there will always be continuous failure of something in the human body and that is why this planet needs doctors on standby. Doctors become so attached to their jobs that they start to question their relationship status which in turn leads them to question whether they are capable of...

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