Struggling Is Living Essay

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In the existence of human life, each individual throughout the span of their lifetime is faced with difficult, and life changing decisions. As each person makes these decisions, they are faced with certain struggles that help build the environment for their future. These struggles have some responsibility for the personal traits and characteristics that each person may have.I struggle in life, my worries from day to day could easily be compared to the typical stresses that a first year college student may have. Whether it be wondering if your good enough to succeed, or have enough time to actually do your homework and comprehend its relevancy to normal activities in life. I like to take each experience, and each act of knowledge, and somehow try to learn from it. By reading the story about Sylvia By: Anne DiPardo, I have given myself the opportunity to compare her upbringing and her cultural background, to the way that I have been brought up and the personal beliefs that have been making the foundation for my future.Sylvia came in to the scene of higher education with no real knowledge or presentable proof as to what her purpose in life would be. This lack of knowledge for distinguishing what the purpose of a persons life is, makes everyone on earth blind to their so called destiny. Sylvia followed what she thought was best for her future and she had the support of her family to impose a sense of closure. With that strength she followed her dream and made her future for herself, instead of letting someone else choose it for her. Now when I take into consideration the way I was brought up and the steps that have led me to today, I could easily show relevancy to Sylvia’s transition into college.Looking at my point in life right now, I believe that it’s the same point Sylvia was in when she first started to advance into higher classes and be given the opportunity to show everyone what she can do. She strived to make herself better and work on her talents in every aspect she could. I too also want to show my potential, and gain as much help and knowledge as I can. After beginning higher education Sylvia often boasts about her abilities in mathematics and her GPA which was 2.9. She carried herself in a way that reflected confidence and self-esteem. When I compare her mentality to the way I perceive myself, I see a lot of similarities. I often brag or boast about a variety of accomplishments I have had in the past. For example: whenever the topic of boxing comes up I like to inform people that I am a 3-time state champion for Junior Olympic Boxing in 2001-2003. So basically I am to boxing, as Sylvia is to Mathematics.There was a point in the story that told of Sylvia getting low placement test scores and she was supposed to remain in a two semester basic writing course. Apparently Sylvia had the hook up from the Course Instructor Susan Williams, because she got to get in to college level reading without the...

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