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"Struggling to Adapt"Is there such a thing as thinking inside the box in order to get original results? The idea seems like a contradiction, but that is exactly what writer Charlie Kaufman did with the movie "Adaptation." Even though we know he seems to be an original writer after winning a BAFTA for Best Original Screen Play for the movie "Being John Malkovich", he didn't have to look far to create the film adaptation to the book "The Orchid Thief" by Susan Orlean. He simply wrote reality into the play.Although Spike Jonze is more commonly known for his music video directing and working with people like Beastie Boys, Puff Daddy, and Notorious B.I.G, that didn't stop him from directing " Adaptation" well. With the help of the writer Charlie Kaufman and the author of the book "The Orchid Thief" it was possible to create the movie we have before us. It stars well-known actors like Meryl Streep as Susan Orlean, Nicholas Cage as Donald and Charlie Kaufman, and Chris Cooper as John LaRoche. This comedic criminal drama was distributed by Columbia Pictures in the year 2002. The main idea of the movie is in the title itself. Adaptation is the concept of being able to survive or adapt to a certain situation, which is what Mr. Kaufman had to do with the "The Orchid Thief." This concept seems to tie greatly with the ideas of Darwin (A grand inspiration of the character LaRoche) of the earth's evolution or survival of the fittest. In order to survive one much change or perish.For about 4/5's of the movie doing nothing with the adaptation of the movie was Charlie Kaufman's struggle. He justed wanted to talk about finding orchids and didn't want to incorporate anything special but the book itself. He was an extremely insecure and sexually frustrated man, and we knew that because of the constant voice over of his thoughts. He never takes opportunities like telling Amelia his friend that he loves her. Though on the contrary his twin brother was exactly the opposite of him, he was nonchalant and it seems like everything was easy for him. Then comes Meryl Streep as Susan Orlean, playing this somewhat snooty author with a void and a bore of a husband in her eyes. The movie portrays more than one story at the same time. Meanwhile Charlie is going crazy trying to write the script and being annoyed by his brother, Susan is going about trying to find how Mr....

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