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Student And Teacher Plagiarism Essay

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Plagiarism is pervasive in all facets of today’s society. It is a shame, as most people have seemed to fault the children and or technology and failed to look at those that the students should emulate. “In one school district in Atlanta, at least 178 teachers and principals were implicated in a widespread falsification of student test scores.” (Beckett, 2011) When plagiarism is found at the top, it is hard to trust anyone, let alone a classmate. “The number of reports of teacher cheating has increased from 69 three years ago to 263 in the past year, she said.” (Beckett, 2011) This trend is as important a data point as student plagiarism is. “Further, an overwhelming majority — 89 percent — say computers and the Internet have played a major role in the rise in stealing others work and claiming it as their own.” (Webley, 2011) This appears to be a valid correlation; however, technology also has made things simpler. I remember a time when I had to go to the library and search through microfiche to research things; this did not hinder my ability to write down verbatim the information while not citing the source. I believe that with the extra time that it required me to take to research the items that it I should have been more apt to plagiarism then compared to now. Now with technology, I simply need to copy and paste the website along with the actual text to help with citation.
I believe that the decline within ethics led to the increase in cheating on all levels. The current class filled with military members, and other public servants should be a very ethical class filled with students that choose not to cheat versus those that do. This may be an opportunity for an experiment, a chance to see if the main campus has more or less cheating than the West Point campus.
I believe that the simple consequence of cheating and plagiarism should be redoing the paper until it is right. This not only takes valuable time away from the student, but it also teaches the student through repetition. Personally, I believe that the amount of plagiarism and at what...

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