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Student Athletes And Time Management Essay

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Student athletes are often told to make time for studies but, at the same time, make sure to practice. What does this cause for them? Many student athletes suffer from bad grades while they do very well on the field or court. Often they believe that if they do well at their sport than the grades should not matter. They just do what they have to do to get by. However, this is not true. While many students suffer in school, some student athletes do not. What are their secrets? The best way I have found to improve student athletes grades are to show them proper time management. That is the key to a successful student athlete career.
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If a college student has a tournament on a Saturday and a big test on Monday, they will often be more worried about the tournament. This is someone who suffers from time management. A student athlete with good time management skills would worry about both but use the time to and from the tournament to be studying and preparing for that test.
The most common mistake a student athlete makes is thinking they do not need schooling. Many believe that if they can just get by doing the minimum then that is what they will do. After conducting a survey, 61% of students in the senior class say that they study less than 30 minutes a night and only 26% study for 30 minutes to an hour. Many of the students state that they believe that they have good time management but still suffer. If they had good time management then that would not be a valid statement. If they did not believe that they had time management they often stated that they struggled with school and a sport.
To be a successful student athlete someone must have a strong work ethic, self-discipline, and strong study habits. Many often create a daily study routine to give themselves structure. The importance of time management as a student athlete is tremendous to their success. Most successful student athletes have a calendar that they follow strictly. Just by writing important items down can take loads of pressure off someone. Although time management can happen easily if encouraged, it is often tried and dismissed because of its common difficulty. The most important detail of time management is encouragement. This is can be from friends, teammates, roommates, parents, teachers, or coaches. It is always easier for someone to achieve something with encouragement and support.
According to Global Post, many high school athletes actually have better grades and a higher GPA than non-athletes do. In 2009, a high school graduate’s average GPA if they were a female was 3.10 and a males was 2.90. However, the advantages do not end with just a higher GPA if you are a female athlete. Global Post author, Fitzalan...

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