Student Athletes Being Paid Or Not

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Student Athletes Being Paid or Not
College athletics today are enormous compared to the size that it was many years ago, especially in the region that I live in which is SEC country, should student athletes that have contributed to this growth be compensated for their contributions or not. With many big television deals and high ticket pricing this has been a topic that has become a constant in the minds of many. This topic is beginning to gather legs and making a move to the forefront of the NCAA to have to face with the recent decision by Northwestern to vote on unionization. This research will provide many aspects that will show ideas that may have or may not have been thought of as ...view middle of the document...

As others suggest if this becomes a factor in how much each athlete is paid will there be a Title IX issue because of the three main money sports 100 are men and only 15 would be women not including the athletes from other sports (Dorfman, 2013). When researching this idea there are many different angles and viewpoints that base off of whether athletes should be paid including some concerns ethically and financially.
One of the major deficiencies in the literature found is how student athletes will be deemed if paid. Will student athletes be seen as employees of the school and how will this affect their life in the way of taxes. Student athletes would then be responsible for every benefit provided by the college if the student athlete is paid which is a topic that many researchers have not focused on. Society and student athletes discuss this topic as a whole but tend to forget about taxing student athletes from the pay they do receive. Another deficiency is if student athletes are paid, does this take away from the NCAA as being an amateur sport, or do we even consider college sports amateur anymore being that college sports are sometimes bigger than professional sports in the media market.
In writing to specific audiences, this research will be focused towards giving information to student athletes, college fans, and athletic departments across the nation. The research will focus on whether student athletes receive what they should rightly receive now or do they deserve more and if so how does that work from an athletic department standpoint. As far as college fans this focuses on how they see college athletics and whether or not this could change it forever. Also in writing to the...

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