Student Athletes Considered As Employees Sosc 3380 Essay

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Student Athletes Considered Workers Essay
College is a place where people go to pursue their post-secondary education to get the dream job that they desire. Education is seen as the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. A hand full of these post-secondary students separate themselves from the rest because they are not only pursuing a higher education but also chasing their goals in the sport they love. These individuals are known in that particular environment as college varsity athletes. They are students who decided to get involved with organized competitive sports that are sponsored by the educational institution in which he or she chooses to enroll in. These are the students that do not only dedicates their time and efforts into their studies but also to the sport that they will always have a passion for. Student athletes are seen not only as full time students, but also full time athletes while trying to achieve their undergrad degree. With the countless time and effort that they have to sacrifice in order to stay on top of their studies while performing to the best of their ability in the sport they participate in, I believe that college athletes should be recognized as employees and not only considered students like the rest of society. Some implications of classifying student athletes as employees would be seen through the signing of a contract for commitment, hours devoted to training weekly, and of course student athletes are a major part of the universities income. Recognizing student athletes as employees would initially cause each athlete within their institution to receive a paycheck for their time and dedication to their designated sports team. Student athletes from other universities would be affected from this because athletes from other teams would want to receive equal pay amongst one another which could cause problem within the school’s institution itself.
Firstly, when trying to depict whether or not a college athlete should be considered an employee amongst the rest of society, one must gain an understanding of what an employee is. An employee can be considered a person who has agreed by contract to perform specified services for another and must comply with the terms and conditions. It is an individual who decides to work part time or full time under a contract of employment whether it is oral or written, expressed or implied, and has recognized the rights and duties. As a fellow student varsity athlete here at York University, I believe that all college athletes should be acknowledged as employees within society. Each college athlete had to sign a contract stating our commitment to the team and any form of violation towards the athlete’s code of conduct will result in the termination of your position on the team. A regulation that athletes had to follow as part of the contract giving to student athletes by the athletics director stated that athletes must be able to come to a...

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