Student Biographies: Online Global Interdependence Literature Circles

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Student Biographies

Online Global Interdependence Literature Circles

Through literate conversations, we believe we can begin to understand and empathize with the realities of our world in a richer way.
Hey Andrea, we were sharing this today with the group and the subject of privacy etc. came up. Although only members can see these bios, kids can copy and paste off the site, so we added a bunch of stuff here. We thought this would be a good opportunity to talk to the kids about internet safety. Let me know what you think. We also added the suggestions about providing a global link. L Excellent - these are all great points/ideas
To further identify yourself when you are online, students are going to write short biographies. Similar to the biographies that authors write about themselves, these short biographies will serve to give others a little window into your life.

Your biography must:
1. Be written from the "third person point of view." This means you will refer to yourself in the third person - Example: "Jane came into this world in 1991 and nothing has been the same since her arrival."
2. Be between 4 sentences (minimum) and no longer than 8 sentences (maximum). In order to write more about yourself, you'll have to combine your sentences, use sentence openers and semi colons to extend the length of your sentences.
3. You may include the following: birthplace, where you have lived, where you currently reside. Include reference to your other family members, hobbies and interests.
4. Include any experiences, understandings or first hand accounts you've had in relation to these global issues.
5. Be handed in for evaluation and may be posted in your profile space on Moodle (after teacher & parent approval).
6. Be grammatically and mechanically correct.

While this is a secure site, it is important to keep this information private within the group. Do not reveal specific information about yourself such as birthdate, full name, full family names, addresses, phone numbers, and anything else that can identify you to strangers.

Example - Andrea Matza shared her entry into the world with twin brother, Craig, and nothing has been same for their mother since. Although born in Regina, Saskatchewan, the next five years of her life were characterized by five moves to remote corners of Canada with her RCMP father, overworked mother and two older sisters. A short stay in Regina was...

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