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Student Culture In A University Essay

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When most people are in the process of deciding their future college, they base most of their decision off of what the culture around a university is like. There are many aspects of the student culture around a university. It could be the ways different ethnic groups associate and live around campus, all the way to what the Greek life is like at the university.
What do you think of when you hear the word "culture?" Perhaps art, theater and symphonies. Maybe you’re reminded of your family background, or the distinctive feel of cities like New York, Tokyo or Buenos Aires. Andrews University is packed with culture in every sense of the word. The diverse atmosphere ensures that you’ll not only find plenty of people who share the same interests as you, but you’ll also have the opportunity to break out and try something different.
You can dive into nearly any cultural niche you’re looking for: snowboarding, chess, jazz, mountain biking, skydiving, gaming, film, indie music, kite surfing, weightlifting, even puppeteering and Iron Man triathlon. Add to these a multitude of international, political and academic clubs, frequent Student Association activities, art cafes and exhibitions, and the many top-quality performing arts groups, and you get a thriving, cosmopolitan "campus culture"—one that never stops buzzing with activity (Andrews University).
Most people want their universities culture to be like their own. Some students want to socialize with ethnic groups of their race or maybe other than their own, which is the reason why diversity in a university is so important. Each racial group has their own style and culture, and all of these mixed together shapes a school.
Ethnic groups, such as Asian, African American, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern actually became the most common racial groups to cover universities in the 2000’s. Enrollment shows that only 46% of whites in high school further their education by going to college, while 61% of blacks and 52% of other mixed backgrounds succeed in going to college (Education Colleges).
Many schools nowadays have a bigger percentage of minority students than white students. For example, The State University of New Jersey—Newark is the university with the highest percentage of minorities in the nation with 77% of mixed races. A local school, The University of Houston, is the next following highest with 74% (Education Colleges).
Location is also a big factor in the culture around a university. For example, a university on the coast probably has more seafood restaurants than a school in the heart of the city. Also, the weather can have an impact of what a school is like. People do more things indoors in cold states, and obviously people spend the majority of their time outside on a sizzling day in a warmer state.
So not only does one need to consider the racial diversity when choosing their school but, also observe the city that school is in. Are the local businesses an attraction? Are there...

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