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Student Debt Essay

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Student Debt
Two sisters named Lisa and Heather Harden-Stone graduated from Brooks Institute and Dowling College. After Heather received an undergraduate degree in anthropology from a private school, she decided to go get her master degree from Delphi University in environmental studies during 2010. She currently working on her field as environment scientist, and she is enjoying every seconds she spends at work. However, she stills be indebted about $80, 000 for her whole college education. She had no idea how much college really cost. She just wanted to have an education for a better life. In the other hand, her sister name Lisa, is obliged about $300, 000 in loan debt after going to school ...view middle of the document...

No matter what, students need to keep follow their dreams, no matter how much is the cost.

Even though student debt is terrible, there are some solution that you can apply to help students should know about that can help them. In the US, There are over twelve million students who have taken out students loans, the total is about 1.1 trillion dollars which is greater than American who owe on credit cards. The good news is students have some new options now because Obama signed the “Bipartisan Student Loans Certainty Act”. This Act helps students by controlling unpredictable increasing loans. Other option students have is to follow loan forgiveness program so their debt could be decrease. The government is also working on student debt to help by restructuring bankruptcy laws to permit student debt to be cleared through bankruptcy, asking private loan lenders to try to increase flexibility in repayment time, and they supporting federal student loan forgiveness in exchange for time spent working in public service.
A college education is one way to the door of the middle class. A dream that most students work so hard to achieved. So the government is doing everything in his power to help those children to achieved their goal and follow their dreams and also to persist competitive in the global market.
Over the years, college costs rise, so does the amount of money students are borrowing. The truth is our education is starting to dependents on debt. There are a...

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