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Student Discipline Strategies For Teachers: Analisis Of Case Studies

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In scenario 1, Miss Anita is using the Canter’s Assertive Discipline Model to overcome the misbehaviour of her students. She gave warning to her students who are talking and to the boy who gave the answers to the students who had been called to answer. Miss Anita threatened two boys with detention after they commit misbehaviour of shooting the paper balls into the trash. Other than that, Miss Anita punished one of the students who making faces and causing other students to laugh by applying the Skinner’s Model of Behaviour Modification. She applies the technique by isolating the student away from her friends. However, it seems that Miss Anita’s initiatives to halt the misbehaviour by her students are ineffective. Ineffective teachers only attempt to discipline their students with threats and punishments rather than laying a foundation with effective procedures for the learning environment (Frei, 2007). From my opinion, the misbehaviour Based on the scenario given, Miss Anita only focusing on giving threat and punishment without setting a clear set of rules on what are the things the students can do and cannot do in the classroom as well as the rationale of setting up that rules and the reason why they cannot misbehave in the classroom. Other than that, she did not apply the Canter’s Assertive Discipline Model in the right way as she only warning the students who misbehave in the classroom without a proper action to stop the misbehaviour.


Next in scenario 2, Mr. Andy has to cope with two of his students who are Danish and Ani. In settling with Danish problem which are, always having difficulty to focus on completing his task, Mr. Andy use the strategy of Kounin’s Group Management Model. According to Edwards (2011), Effective teachers are more able to maintain a proper focus during instruction and avoid reacting to relatively unimportant things while teaching. Based on the scenario, we can see that Mr. Andy initiative is effective. He is trying to gain control of Danish by displaying ‘withitness’. Mr. Andy shows that he is aware of the students’ behaviour in the class. In this case, students know that the with-it teacher detects inappropriate behaviour in the class accurately (Kounin, 1970). He later applies overlapping by moving Danish close to him so that it can be effective in alerting him to gain his attention and continue with his task. Next, to overcome Ani’s misbehaviour, Mr. Andy applies the Kounin’s Group Management Model and Skinner’s Model of Behaviour Modification. He used the overlapping strategy in facing the problem caused by Ani. Mr. Andy tried to control the situation by confronting Ani. Unfortunately, his method is ineffective as Ani responds with exaggerated courtesy. Later, Mr. Andy came out with new solution which is giving her punishment. But it seems that, the application of Skinner’s theory did not play an effective role in handling with Ani’s misbehaviour. Ani still manages to disrupt...

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