Student Involvement And Academic Performance: A Qualitative Analysis

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Generally, when one pictures college, clubbing, hooking up, meeting new people, endless parties, beer, Greek life, beer, girls, sports, alcohol, more beer, hangovers, four locos, and academics are first things that comes to mind. For some, college is like a summer camp. No parental supervision; you do whatever you want whenever you want. Movies show students tossing Frisbees on the quad, participating in clubs, sports and joining sororities and fraternities. If popular accounts are to be believed, college is as much a social experience, if not more so, as it is academics.
Overview of the Organization
The Campbell Student Union (CSU) is the center of student life on campus. All ...view middle of the document...

Student Life collaborates with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community leaders to provide innovative and purposeful programs to prepare students for a diverse and changing world (college’s website). CSU’s Student Life purpose is to provide a learning environment in which diversity and the open and honest expression of different views is expected and respected (the social problem(s) it seeks to address) (college’s website). . Some ways in which the organization seeks to address the social problem(s) is through its commitment to empowering a wide range of responsive and responsible student organizations providing cultural, social, athletic, and academic and community service activities. Their vision statement is: to be proactive partners with students, faculty and staff in building community and enhancing student learning (college’s website).
Literature Review and Methods
The main function of higher education is to further educate students and prepare them for the workforce in their related field of study. This becomes problematic when colleges and universities put too much pressure on students in terms of their GPA (Grade Point Average). When students do not perform well, they are put on academic probation and are threatened to be expelled should they fail to raise their GPAs. This emphasizes academics over extracurricular activities. Consequently, some students buy into these pressures and direct all their attention towards academics, therefore lacking social involvement, which teaches students how to manage time, problem solve, communication skills and leadership. Student engagement teaches students qualities that are looked for in the workforce. In their meta-analysis (review of nearly 2,500 studies) study of How College Affects Students, Pascarelli and Terenzini (2005) summarized that although college seniors appear to have relatively a higher level of workforce readiness than those with less exposure to college, they may often lack an absolute level of job skills required for above-average performance. They further stated that from an employer’s perspective, college students appear to be well prepared in their academic and content areas, but fall short in areas that were related to context of work (for example, interpersonal skills, setting priorities) and applying their knowledge in the work environment (Pascarelli and Terenzini, 2005). Literature has found a strong correlation between student involvement in extracurricular activities and positive outcomes of student success and development, including satisfaction, persistence,...

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