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Student Nutrition Essay

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How does lifestyle influence student’s eating habits? Do different lifestyles affect student’s eating habits?
The consumption of a healthy eating, weight control and general wellness are getting more significance throughout the daily living of the students. (Jackson, Berry, & Kennedy, 2009). Healthy diets, that contained low saturated fat and being rich in plant foods, have the advantages of increased longevity and lower percentages of chronic diseases. (Papadaki, Hondros, Scott, & Kapsokefalou, 2007). In general, part of the lifestyles and eating are started early in the student life. After the students have moved out from their comfort with their parents and changes in living arrangements, it will affect the outcomes of food choices, nutrient intakes, and physical activity patterns. Poor eating habits have reflected in increased risks of several chronic diseases, experiencing more stress and weight gain. (Driskell, Kim, & Goebel, 2005).
Students who suffer from stress as result of having too much workload of attending classes, pay no attention to eating habits, and for that reason, they are more prone to access to fast food as the price of the healthy foods are higher . A few research has illustrated the lifestyle of students including the amount of time spend on campus, studying and working, involvement in additional activities, and living arrangements. (Jackson et al., 2009). Nevertheless, the purpose of this research is to determine whether that different lifestyle factors may actually influence the student’s eating habits on campus.
Research Review 1
Researcher had done a study design and sample selection in a Canadian university undergraduate population. Students of the physical education faculty were voluntarily take part in the study to complete a questionnaire, which was randomly numbered and consisted of two main divisions: eating behaviours and lifestyle factors. The questions had included open-ended variables and Likert scale variables. The lifestyle factors that were included in the questions were place of residence; method of getting to campus; money spending on food per week; hours spent studying per week; travelling time to campus; hours spent on campus per day; physical activity pattern. Eating habits questions were also categorised into money spent on food each day; regularity to buy breakfast on campus per week; regularity to buy lunch on campus each week; regularity to buy supper on campus each week; number of times one packs a lunch during the week; how many serves of fast food is consumed per week; how many serves of caffeine per day; how many serves of water per day; how many serves of alcohol per week. Serving guidelines were provided. (Jackson et al., 2009).
The questionnaire turned out to be a mixture of significant results from the lifestyle factors and eating habits. The study had shown eating habits were related to the following lifestyle factors: money spending on food; travelling time to campus;...

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