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Student Officer Essay

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When I was offered the position of running for Class President, my head was immediately was flooded with thoughts. I wasn't even aware of the officer position until recently, let alone a presidential position! I think that the student body should be more informed and more involved in their grade, whether it be sport games, school clubs, or more school spirit. I think the upcoming junior class has so much potential to be the best junior class that Kingwood High School has ever seen. As a Class Officer/President, I would like to raise awareness of all departments, and make Junior year the most enjoyable year of high school.
To begin my essay, I will talk about my strengths. I think my ...view middle of the document...

If you get organized, everything will seem so much smoother! When people who know me describe me, they will tell you that I am very dedicated in everything that I do. When i do anything, I know that my name is on that piece of work, or that the work represents my name.That is why I put forth one hundred percent of my effort and energy into everything that I do. My strengths of dedication, listening, being able to take charge, and my social skills make me an excellent candidate, and I think uniquely qualifies me.
Although the position of Class Officer will look good on a college application, and is a position of power; that is not the reason why I am so passionate about this opportunity. My mind is full with ideas for the upcoming year, and I am ecstatic to share them with everybody. I was a freshman at Kingwood High, but when sophomore year came, I transferred out of Humble ISD. While I was at my other high school, I still was constantly being proud of Kingwood High School. While away, I consistently supported every department, while going to as many games as I could. I have so much school pride, and I wish my peers could see how amazing Kingwood High School really is. The sophomore class is such a tremendous group of students, and I wish that they would display that more thoroughly, so the rest of the student body could see how truly amazing this class really is. Wanting more school pride amongst the students, and letting their “blue shine through”, is why I want to be a Junior Class Officer.
Another reason why I feel that I should be a class officer, is the now Sophomore class is not school spirited. Their nonchalant attitude displays during pep rallies. I have so many ideas for pep rallies, and one of the many ideas I have includes having themes! I think that, if over social media, the grade tells officers what they want to have as their “theme of the week”, the grade will be more passionate and pumped up for fridays! Also, participation of the peers going to the pep rallies will more rapidly increase, due to enjoyable themes. Social media is a huge trend and way of communication right now, teachers have even contacted students via texting and twitter pages. If our class had a well known class page, we could listen to the voice of the students, and have them much more involved in what happens around them. I think social media will inform the students more of the...

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