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THE PERCEPTION TOWARDS MATHEMATIC AMONG UNIRAZAK STUDENTS:A Research on Mathematic Anxiety1.0 RESEARCH PROBLEMIntroductionThe level of students mastering mathematic are highly decrease. The numbers of UNIRAZAK students taking mathematic as major course seem to be less. Their perception towards mathematic make them fear to face the mathematic as a major course. The purpose of this research are to investigated the relation of mathematic anxiety with perception towards mathematic among communities in TAJ International Collage (UNIRAZAK students) and how it is influence students performance.Anxious students have experience of cognitive deficits like misapprehension of information or blocking of memory and recall. High level of anxiety also interferes with concentration and memory, which are critical for academic success. Anxiety can cause misperception about courses and negative performance. High level anxiety is more closely associated with lowered performance in low-ability students than in high-ability counterparts (Hembree, 1998). Hancock concludes that students with high level anxiety show significantly less motivation in classrooms perceived as highly evaluative compared to students with low level anxiety (Hancock, 2001).Many researchers have been studying the relationship between students' attitudes towards mathematic (ATM) and their achievement in mathematic (AIM) for many years in attempts to improve one or the other of these in student's mathematical development. Other researchers have looking at the correlation of anxiety sources and the effect of students' academic performance, in term, students' high level of anxiety achieved low academic performance (Luigi, Francesca, Maria, Eleonora, Valentina and Benedetto, 2007; McCraty, 2007).The dominance of study anxiety has been acknowledged by students and educators. In this paper, we present a research, aimed to identify mathematic anxiety among UNIRAZAK students. The following chapter for this research will briefly summarizing how the research is being conduct, the use of research methodology, results of these studies, in order to introduce recent findings for the relation mathematic anxiety with perception towards mathematic.1.2 Background of ResearchPrevious studies found that anxiety affected on students' mathematic performance. The study anxiety is situation that refers to any kind of negative perception towards mathematic among students. The sources can create as well decreased students' mathematic performance and forgetting the important of mathematic. Such anxiety can interfere with students' mathematic development. Too much anxiety can interrupt performance, researchers have been investigated that anxiety mostly result to negative effect on mathematic performance. High degree of anxiety can block thoughts, create negative frame in mind, and potential of poor performance.The prior study report that low mathematic achievement significantly related to later...

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