Student Stress: An Ongoing Epidemic Essay

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The United States is a country focused on bettering an opponent, but some people aren’t cut out for the constant competition. Those members of society seem to be left in the dust and expected to fend for themselves. Because of the pressures being placed on Americans, it is almost natural to constantly search for a sense of comfort and relaxation. A variety of coping methods have been published in books and articles by psychiatrists, but the audience in which they are written for is rapidly expanding to younger generations. People too often make the assumption that damaging amounts of stress do not surface until college and early adulthood, but studies over the past five years show that ...view middle of the document...

The academic effects became just as prominent as the physical in the survey. Students “often procrastinate” on assignments; therefore pride isn’t being taken in school work anymore, it is simply completed just before the due date to salvage a grade.

Another assumption often made by the public, is that if high school students are as stressed as college students, it would only be the upperclassmen. A personal interview with an Austintown Fitch freshman and an Austintown Fitch senior showed that on a scale of one to ten, they both felt that “[school would be rated] a 9” (Minkewicz). Although both grades are similarly overwhelmed in school, aspects of it affect different levels. A freshman felt that “tests and exams” were the most stressful part of her school experience but a senior stated that she couldn’t stand “overlapping deadlines [that never consider anything else] that goes on in [her] life” (Minkewicz). When asked their biggest downfalls due to stresses in school, the ninth grade student mostly experienced an “inability to focus” in class while the senior put too much focus on one class and would end up “putting others aside in order to not fail” the one she focused on (Minkewicz). Even the classes they enjoyed the most changed due to the harsh challenges brought on in high school, both girls confirmed that “[added] stress in [their] favorite subject” was a factor in the change. Overall, anxieties brought on in school can obviously change a...

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