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Student Suicide: A Retrospective Study From South Delhi

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The results were analysed according to age-group, various methods resorted to suicide, the reasons behind the suicide (as sought by family, friends and suicide notes left behind) and their academic status.
Total 69 cases (31 male and 38 female) of student-suicide were autopsied in our department during the one year period of September 2012 to August 2013, compared to total 413 cases (253 male and 160 female) of suicides in the general population of south Delhi, handled by us during the same period (14%). Male student suicides were 12.25% of total male suicides and female student suicides were 23.75% of total female suicides.
School going student were 47 cases (17 male and 30 female) and 22 cases (15 male and 7 female) were students pursuing various degrees and vocational studies. School going children were mainly in 9th to 12th standard. One male student was in 4th, one in 5th and two were in 8th standard, while one female student was in 6th and one in 7th standard.
Most of the student-suicide cases occurred during the month of March to August (23 male and 27 female, 73%), which is the most active period of academic sessions in India. Various examinations are going on, then results declaration and finally admission to various colleges and streams of their choices.
Cases of suicides as a response to academic failure were occurred mainly in the month of March to July (6 male and 10 female, 76%), most active academic season in India and in the age-group of 16-20 years, important age-group for the academic curriculum.
Reasons behind suicide among student, as soughted by family, friends and suicide notes left behind by the suicide, were mainly academic failure (10 male and 11 female cases, 30%), only 5 cases (2 male and 3 female) were having various relationship issues and 7 cases (2 male and 5 female), family dispute as the reason behind the step while 11 cases (6 male and 5 female) were soughted various other stresses as the reason, but in majority of cases it was not known (12 male and 13 female...

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