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Student Survival Guide Essay

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`Student Survival GuideOriannaAxia College of University of PhoenixIT 105 Skills for Learning in an Information AgeLinda WrightApril 1, 2007Student Survival GuideWhile learning comes easy to some students, having proper planning and time management skills will make surviving college possible. When a student has an assignment or essay paper due, it is a good idea to use good academic sources. The use of the school library is a good tool because of the many options provided. The school library usually will have a reference area, book area, and periodicals area for a student to do research. For a student is a wise to have a search strategy in place before getting started. As mentioned, it would be beneficial for a student to take any orientation or tutorial on how to get around the online school library. Becoming aware on how to conduct a successful information search will consist of knowing some key information. For example, conduction online searches are usually done so by the use of keywords. In order to have a successful keyword search a student should become comfortable with something called "Boolean Logic." Boolean Logic is the use quotations around certain terms used in a keyword search. So the use of double quotes around the word, will locate the words exactly as they were entered (Carter, Bishop, and Kravitz, 2002). A student can also use the library catalog in order to find materials on the subject at hand. The library uses the Dewey Decimal System in order to classify the material into 10 major subject areas. A student should also become proficient in understanding the Dewey Decimal System in order to locate items in their library.The online school library also has a periodical database in order to search for a publication. For example, a student may chose to use a periodical in search of content that specializes in a specific subject. Students will also have the option of searching for articles that have been "peer-reviewed". Reading a "peer-reviewed" article means that the posted article has been subjected to the scrutiny of other experts in that field. Now if there is something specific someone is looking for they can use the "Ask the Librarian" feature in the online library. A student will want to be prepared with the information on what it is she may be looking for in order to gain assistance.Students currently have access to the Internet that can lead them to limitless amount of information. A student should evaluate the research sources by asking some critical-thinking questions about each source. A student should consider the author and whether or not the author carry any credibility. One should also consider whether or not the author might be subject to a certain bias. The source should not be out-dated and students should search for recent articles for more accurate information (Carter et al., 2002). Evaluating an online source can be tricky but should be a priority. The author or...

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Student Survival Guide Essay

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890 words - 4 pages Robertson Davies. Letters in Canada. MacMillan Press, Toronto, 1979. Margaret Atwood. Survival: A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature. McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1972. Davies, Robertson. Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada. (Series IV, Volume XIII). “Canadian Nationalism in Arts and Science.” The Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa: 1975. Works Cited Endnotes 1 Letters in Canada p. 426 Robertson Davies 2 Robertson Davies, “Canadian

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1287 words - 5 pages student with a Survival Guide while attending Axia College. The topics discuss in this paper are as following: College Student Survival Guide provides student with information on topics about Axia’s Educational Resources, Upholding Academic Honesty, Setting and Achieving Goals, Managing Time Wisely, Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention, and Applying Personality and Learning Styles. Axia’s

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Student Survival Guide Essay

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