Student Survival Guide: For A Distance Learning Environment

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The Student Survival GuideThe survival guide is designed to give students a basic understanding of organizational skills needed to develop new strategies in successfully retrieving information from our computer age society. This guide is meant to provide information on how to manage time, use online libraries, web sites, and other sources on the internet in addition to learning and developing effective study kills for a distant learning environment.Conducting Successful Library and Internet SearchesWith a basic knowledge of how to explore the internet; students can find academic resources such as: facts, figures, files, articles for research and much more. However, the Axia Writing Style Hand Book (2006) states… Not all information is free, many cites charge subscription fees and or per article rates for more than one paragraph (Writing Style Hand Book, pg. 13). However, the university library is free and offers excellent resource materials.Learning to navigate the university library will be very helpful. There is an outstanding tutorial for all students which will give precise instructions on navigating through the library. As you enter, immediately click on the "Getting Started" link that is under the heading to get you going.Students must be careful while searching for information online; most topics are found, but the validity of most sources could be questionable. Evaluating sources is imperative for accurate research. The Writing Style Hand Book (2006) gives some helpful hints…On the Web, use recognized domains to help establish credibility: .gov for statistics and factual reporting and .edu for educational (preschool through university sites). Professional, political, and charitable organizations (.org) are excellent sources of information as long as you are able to balance their particular agendas with other sources. Commercial sites (.com) include useful industry analyses and contextual resources. (Writing Style Hand Book, 2006, pg. 14).Upholding Academic HonestyAcademic honesty is essential and all students will be required to uphold the standards of the policies for Axia of University of Phoenix while in attendance. Students should read the policies and welcome letter in the beginning of each course for clarification of what the university expects from each student.Students must avoid plagiarism at all cost. It is crucial for all student writers to give credit to the original author for any information they have borrowed to use in their papers. Students can find specific rules and guidelines on how to cite and reference sources properly and avoid accidental plagiarism in chapter 6 of the Writing Style Hand Book.There are many rules for correctly citing references. Axia uses APA format, which is an excellent way for students to cite references properly and remain honest. Whether students paraphrase or use a direct quote they must cite the original author. Forgetting to cite someone else's work could be detrimental to a...

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1668 words - 7 pages . Just do not stop moving.College is an important part of a person's life. College life is filled with stress, hard work, deadlines, and huge rewards. Lessons will be learned that can not be learned anywhere else. Using school resources, practicing academic honesty, learning new study skills, time management and setting goals are all parts of the bigger picture. Distance learning colleges provide students with previously unavailable abilities to further their education and improve their lives.Reference: Riddell, J. ( 2007, April 15)Student Survival Guide.


1122 words - 4 pages in terms of learning. Same is the case with professors and peers. They are another very good source of knowledge and points of view (Brenner, n.d.).Student Survival Guide 6ReferencesBrenner, T (n.d.) Strategies and Challenges Retrieved October 16, 2006 from:, J, Komlos, J, and Gold, P. (2001) The Chicago Guide to Your AcademicCareer: A Portable Mentor for Scholars from Graduate

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1223 words - 5 pages are only required 3 days a week. This way I am sure to not miss anything. Another way to manage time wisely is that when I have a larger assignment due at the end of the week I look ahead and start it early in the week to allow plenty of time to complete the assignment on time.Developing Effective Study habits:Effective study habits are a must have skill in order to succeed. The first challenge has been adapting to the distance learning environment

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4527 words - 18 pages can't manage the stairs that well or reach the kitchen cupboards. Peace and Holland suggest that our housing could be more inclusive and "designed to make living easier" (Peace and Holland (2001) in unit 6, p.22).UK casesA Disability ExampleEsther, (AC 2, side 1) is an example of an individual who has experienced a disabling environment and has taken steps to make her environment more enabling. Having been in hospital for three years suffering

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960 words - 4 pages started using the advice for my weakest learning style and it has proved to be helpful. Now that I know what my personal styles are I can apply them for the better in my next classes and in my every day life activities.In some ways, this college encounter will not be an easy journey. I will use this guide to help further me whenever I may need that extra push in progressing towards my degree. Although this student survival guide is just that, a guide, to look back and review whenever I may need it. It is in no way shape or form the key to graduating college, because I myself am the ultimate key to graduating college triumphantly.

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1008 words - 4 pages Post-secondary education can be a challenge to anyone. To survive, one must have the knowledge to understand what it takes to make it work. This survival guide will assist the student in areas of upholding academic honesty, conducting successful library and internet searches, developing effective study skills, managing time wisely, and setting and achieving goals.First, one must uphold academic honesty. Plagiarism is a serious and unethical

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987 words - 4 pages Welcome to my Student Survival Guide. In this guide, I will discuss my plans to achieve success in five different areas: managing time wisely, upholding academic honesty, developing effective study skills, and setting and achieving goals. These five statistics play a very important role in the success of this online program. In order to survive and succeed in any situation, you have to want it. If you are not motivated to succeed, you are not

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1321 words - 5 pages PAGE PAGE 1 Student Survival Guide `Student Survival GuideOriannaAxia College of University of PhoenixIT 105 Skills for Learning in an Information AgeLinda WrightApril 1, 2007Student Survival GuideWhile learning comes easy to some students, having proper planning and time management skills will make surviving college possible. When a student has an assignment or essay paper due, it is a good idea to use good academic sources. The use of the