Student Teacher Recorded Class And Summary

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When doing my video assignment, I did it in a ninth through twelfth grade high school social studies classroom where I substitute teach, and I had the classroom teacher video tape me with a video camera from the school. I had the student desks set up in a half circle, so I could walk around to do frequent student checks. I left a gap in the back, and had three students sit on each side of the video camera, so everything would be captured on the video camera. The video camera was set up on a stand, so all he had to do was slightly move the camera to catch my movement and interactions with students. I also had an extra student to record me using the video button on my iPhone. I wanted to do this so I could have two different sources and perspectives to look at. I had them record my class objectives, me reading an article on alligators and asking questions to my “4th grade” students, who helped me fill in our animal flowchart. This is where I ran into my first problem, I thought that it would just pop up, but apparently Xmind has to be downloaded to every computer that you want to use it on, so I just decided to create our own handwritten flowchart, since it would have taken forever to download the document from Xmind. After this, I gave them directions to the computers to start a summary and reflection in their blogs on WordPress, then directing them that they are now going to begin researching on their very own animal using a blank flow chart that was exactly like the one I used as a template to take important notes on, then I just wrapped it up by saying I was going to have you do your research on a certain animal of your choice and you would have to choose a form of media to present it to the rest of the class.
When looking back at it, I felt that the actual video camera had better picture quality, but my iPhone had better voice quality. One thing I did notice was the video camera moved more steadily as I walked across the room and when I was interacting with the students , I am guessing this is because it was on a stand, so it would only have to be slightly touched to be moved, whereas a cellphone you literally have to have it held up and then move it yourself. I really liked the option of being able to have screen shots on my iPhone and being able to edit the material by cutting or “trimming” material out, and you can save the new edited version and keep the original version, which I think is very helpful. I could also take a screenshot of the video from the video camera once it was converted to a disc, and then I decided to use Macromedia Flash to edit it.
I am glad we had to do taping for this class because I know the more times I record myself, the more comfortable I will be when I have to be on camera for student teaching. I know that trying to forget that the video camera is there will probably be my biggest challenge with doing all of this because it is really...

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