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Student Welcome Letter: Public Policy Studies

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Dear, Transfer Student

Welcome to the University of California, we are excited that you choose to join our school. We are eager to meet you. Your arrival on campus is approaching quickly, so we wanted to take some time and share you some important information about the city of Los Angeles which is the back drop of our campus. Campus life is not just limited to the institution, but is highly immersed within the fabric and culture of the city in Los Angeles. It is our goal that this information will allow you to feel comfortable at your new home away from home.
We would encourage you to attend new student orientation during the first week you arrive on campus. Orientation allows you meet ...view middle of the document...

The Latino Industrial Workforce is one you will come to learn more about in your studies here. It is important to remember that Latinos contribute to the working class, occupy the manufacturing workforce, transportation industries and laborers market in Los Angeles. Another emergence of the Latino Metropolis in Los Angeles is the voting power of Latino and the increase of political consciousness amongst the people. With the leadership of Latino leaders new possibilities of economic and democratic reform continue to advance.
A huge staple of the Latino Metropolis is the food. Food adds to culture and there is plenty of it. Cultural hegemony does play its part on the Los Angeles food scene. Although Toca Bell is right across the street from campus, there is nothing like the original “hot tamales”. Mexican cuisine in Los Angeles for the Latino community represents a symbol of power that is fought for. Commodification of the food culture by the elite and preservation of its origin/narrative by the poor is an ongoing battle.
We know that many transfer students have questions and concerns...

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