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Student Working Essay

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students in his research. Which is followed by Mounsey,Vandehey,and Diekhoff (2013), when they found that there is no major differentiation between working and non-working students, in grade point average(Mounsey,Vandehey,and Diekhoff 2013, pg. 12). Granted with 74.5% of students working while attending school (pg. 3). Which nearly half,48.9%, of these students found it hard to meet deadlines(Schwarts, McGuire, & Satterstrom ,2011, pg. 4). That seems to be around a consensus as the American Council on Education. (2006) found that 78% of students work (pg. 6). While stating, of that 83.5% where working part time, 25 hours or less(pg. 6). As I was preparing to leave the army one of ...view middle of the document...

3). Davis, of the U.S. Department of Commerce (2012),alternatively stated that 50% of students work 20 hours or more (pg. 4). The latter proves that half of students aren't just working 2 days a week at the library or fitness center. It goes on to show that students today are putting in quality work experience as well as academic experience. Even more, Davis (2012), gave that 1.3% of students worked full time year round (pg.4). As the majority of part
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time jobs are minimum wage and considered "at will." Even a sizable portion could just be seasonal jobs which demands high amount of hours in short amount of time, which is usually near finals or midterms. It also elaborates on the students working 35 plus hours a week rarely do it all year, but rather just for a certain period of time, enhancing the chance of high roll over in these jobs.
The amount of work a student takes on should be moderated, as the more they work hours the students take on, the less they have time for studies. The statements are data driven with certainty amongst the different sources. The time period of hours being worked would change to what degree of most of the numbers that indicate full and part time annually, as well as hours “off the books” in family run business'.
Time is finite; the amount spent at work can't be spent on education, or relaxing. While working hasn't shown a dirrect correlation in affecting the G.P.A of a student, The work offers experience in other areas that schooling might not offer, however it does show a rise in anxiety. Anxiety due to not having time to relax, which might or might not have an effect on G.P.A but could represent why working students are more likely to not graduate. Importantly, this anxiety compounds with the cost of say to day living, when you account for non-curriculum related expenditures. At Shepherd University, which is in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The town is just under 240 acres, and a population around 1700 people without students accounted for that would add 4000 more to residents in the town. The fact that Shepherd University is in such a small town it only adds to the facts that; the majority of the land that surrounds it is becoming protected agricultural land, that some of the most expensive real-estate is located in town, and in the latest Growth management plan announced the town plans to expand this philosophy into all of northern Jefferson County. This means, for students at Shepherd University, for the foreseeable future will be forced to drive at least 20 minutes away for nearly all necessities regarding relaxation or work. Given the rise in working students in the last 10-20...

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